The Rise and Impact of Self-Publishing 2013-2014

Oct 15, 2013
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The Rise and Impact of Self-Publishing 2013-2014

In 2012, the book publishing industry was rocked when a self-published book by an author nobody had heard of landed on a national bestseller list. For 133 weeks (and counting, as of this writing) the erotic title, 50 Shades of Grey—and its two sequels— would dominate bestseller lists, smash industry records, and, most significantly, signify to the literary world that the long maligned practice of self-publishing had arrived.

The presence of self-published books on bestseller lists has grown so much, and with such consistency, the coverage of the titles has become a regular feature in Simba Information’s monthly periodical, Book Publishing Report. It is this phenomenon that has led Simba to study self published books—and the people who buy them—with a new perspective. This report will show what extent U.S. adults purchase self published books, what factors have led to the rise, and what titles, authors and categories have led the way since 2011.

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