Every Student Succeeds Act

When President Obama on Dec. 10 signed into law the Every Student Succeeds Act, it was only the first in a rapid progression of events that could herald changes in 2016 facing the U.S. public schools and the $8.56 billion instructional materials industry that serves the school market.

Back to the Future: ESSA Becomes Law

President Obama on Dec. 10 signed into law the Every Student Succeeds Act, reauthorizing the 50-year-old Elementary and Secondary Education Act and marking the first revision of ESEA since 2002 when the No Child Left Behind Act was signed into law.

The new law returns more control to the states and local school boards for setting educational policy, identifying and determining corrective actions for struggling schools, and measurement metrics for evaluating teachers.

Simba Information’s K-12 Enrollment by Subject, School Year 2015-2016

Many factors influence whether or not a product introduced into the education market will be a success. In the most basic terms, the largest potential market for a product is the number of teachers and students who are potential users.

In K-12 Enrollment by Subject, School Year 2015-2016, Simba Information provides estimates on the number of K-12 students enrolled in courses in various subject areas. To generate the data, Simba drew on third-party sources and utilized an estimating method developed by Education Market Research, a Simba acquired property.

American Education Week

During American Education Week, your students deserve the best let Simba help you navigate the educational technology segment with the Ed Tech Startup Dashboard reports that will help you make the grade when it comes to technology in the classroom.

New! Ed Tech Startup Dashboard Q3 2015

The third quarter edition of Ed Tech Startup Quarterly Dashboard examines the education technology startup market. Despite education budgets around the U.S. feeling the pinch, the education sector continues to increase its investment in technology related to learning. Ed tech funding in the third quarter jumped significantly with several notable startups taking away a sizable investment. Learn more here http://www.simbainformation.com/Ed-Tech-Startup-9334268/

Market Opportunities for PreK Instructional Materials 2015-2016

Market Opportunities for PreK Instructional Materials 2015-2016 examines the early childhood education market and the potential for sales of instructional materials into this segment. The report focuses on children who are enrolled in Head Start, state- and locally funded public PreK classrooms, and private childcare centers. Primary attention is paid to the core market of 4-year-olds. http://www.simbainformation.com/Opportunities-PreK-Instructional-9316503/

PreK-12 Digital Market Survey 2015

One of the findings in the newly published Simba Information report for education—PreK-12 Digital Market Survey Report 2015—is that for the time being, at least, the major source for digital instructional materials continues to be commercial providers. http://www.simbainformation.com/PreK-Digital-Survey-9304020/

Simba data cited in Ed Week

Global Scientific & Technical Publishing 2015-2019

Reference management tools such as Mendeley and ReadCube only generate 1% to 2% of scientific and technical journal sales, but publishers are betting on them in a big way to build deeper relationships with customers — this according to the most recent report from media and publishing intelligence firm Simba Information.

Public School Enrollment on the Rise

Enrollment in public elementary and secondary schools has trended upward, increasing 26% from 39.4 million students in 1985 to 49.8 million students in 2012. Birth rates and immigration are the major factors driving the increase. Another contributing factor was the expansion in prekindergarten enrollment from approximately 200,000 students in 1985 to 1.4 million in 2013.


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