New! Publishing for the PreK-12 Market 2016-2017

Publishing for the PreK-12 Market 2016-2017 provides the most up-to-date business information not only on the impact of recent changes in education policy but on the emergence of new technologies and the new applications for traditional technology (print) in the school market. The updated annual report provides the most recent comprehensive overview of the U.S. school market and the instructional materials providers that serve it.

Topics of relevance for emerging, developing and structurally changing business models in Publishing for the PreK-12 Market 2016-2017 include:


Digital education company BoomWriter Media, launched its first writing platform, StoryWriter in 2011, led by its co-founders Ken Haynes, Chris Twyman, and Ian Garland. The software allows students to write chapters of a book using an avatar, then vote anonymously on which chapter they like best, and at the end of the process, they have a finished book. Additionally, each task that a student completes earns them Boomer Bucks, which students can use to customize their avatar.


The New York based company, founded in 2011 by chief executive officer Jonathan Hefter, provides cost-effective software that eliminates the need to replace desktop computers. Instead of periodically replacing hardware, Neverware allows schools and businesses to have the fastest available desktop computer speeds using the hardware they currently have.


The New York-based startup Codecademy was launched in 2012 by Ryan Bubinski and Zach Sims, both former Columbia University students. Codeacademy provides online education for basic computer programming. In many ways, the company is revolutionizing the path to learning how to code and getting a job, which all can be done through additional programming bootcamps or coursework via a website.


Featured Ed Tech Startup

Every quarter, Simba looks at several startups in depth, providing updates on new product launches and financing rounds completed. You can find these companies in the Simba report Ed Tech Startup Quaterly Dashboard. Every week Simba will focus on one of these tech companies carving out a niche in the education technology market.

New! Simba Information's 2015 National Instructional Materials Adoption Scorecard and 2016 Outlook

Simba Information’s 2015 National Instructional Materials Adoption Scorecard and 2016 Outlook report consolidates Simba’s ongoing research of the K-12 textbook adoption market in 2015 in one report.

This report provides background on the textbook adoption process, examines in detail the sales results of specific state adoptions Simba tracked in 2015 and previews the landscape and trends in instructional materials adoptions in 2016 and beyond.

It’s a law publishing blog about publishing law blogs

The recent release of Simba Information’s report Global Legal Publishing 2016-2020 presents a very unique opportunity, one that I cannot let pass—the chance to publish a blog about law publishing and blogs.

I know, take a breath, gather yourselves because we are about to boldly go where only Seinfeld’s Cosmo Kramer—he of the coffee table book about coffee tables—would go.

New Teacher Report Available

Simba Information’s New Teachers, Getting Adjusted: 2015-2016 covers the experiences of K-12 teachers with regard to the use of technology in the classroom and the amount of training received in the areas of classroom management and lesson planning, among other topics. Trends that are shaping the teaching profession are also examined.

For the purpose of this report, Simba partnered with MCH Strategic Data to poll teachers across the nation. A relatively short survey consisting of 27 multiple choice questions was deployed over several weeks in October 2015.

New Math Report

Schools have debated the best ways to instruct students in mathematics for decades. With the move to more rigorous standards and the growing acceptance of digital programs, Simba Information initiated research on the use of mathematics instructional materials during the 2015-2016 school year.

K-12 Mathematics Market Report 2016 looks at current trends in the elementary and secondary school mathematics market including what products are used most widely and the selection criteria educators use to help them choose one product over another.


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