PreK-12 Testing - Market Research, Industry Trends, Market Share

Published: 03/23/2017
Pages: 118
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PreK-12 Testing Market Forecast 2016-2017 examines the academic testing market, with a special focus on the impact of the Every Student Succeeds Act. The report covers how states will re-examine their testing programs, the reversion to Common Core standards, and the uncertainty following the Trump era.
Topics Covered:
• State and federal growth drivers
• Online testing
• Testing contractors by state
• Flexibility of funding sources
• Federal education policy changes
• Impact of local groundswell for testing changes
• Change in high schools
• Competition among testing providers
• Teacher-created classroom assessments
• Computer adaptive testing
• Piloting performance assessments
• Future growth projections through 2019-2020
• Capsule summaries of 25 PreK-12 test providers
The report examines the goal of statewide delivery of online assessments, the creation of innovative assessments, the movement toward balanced assessment systems, and increasing emphasis on formative assessment processes.

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Table Of Contents

  • Methodology
  • Executive Summary
    • Testing Market Valued at $2.59 Billion in 2015-2016
    • High-Stakes Assessments Drive Sales of $1.18 Billion
    • Classroom Assessments Almost Keep Pace
    • The Next Area of Growth: Science
    • Online Testing Still Growing
    • State-Level Online Sales Outpace Digital Classroom Sales
    • Addressing Niche Populations
    • Flexible Funding: One of Many Areas of Uncertainty
  • Industry Size and Structure
    • Introduction
    • Types of Tests
      • Table PreK-12 Testing Terminology
    • Testing Market Size and Segments
      • Table Testing Segments and Market Share 2014-2015 vs. 2015-2016 ($ in millions)
    • Change Agent: ESSA
      • Table Contrasts between NCLB and ESSA Regarding Assessments
    • The Trump Administration and the 2017 Congress
    • Policy Changes on the State and Local Side
    • Backlash Against Too Much Testing
    • Leaps Forward in Online Delivery
      • Table Market for Online Assessments, 2014-2015 vs. 2015-2016 ($ in millions)
    • Flexibility, New Administration Add To Funding Uncertainty
      • Table Selected Funding Sources for Assessments
    • Vendors Face Uncertainty, Too
  • State-Level Tests
    • Market Size and Growth
      • Table Market Share of State Tests, 2014-2015 versus 2015-2016 ($ in millions)
    • Ever-Changing Landscape
    • Case Study on Change: Massachusetts
    • Testing Reductions
    • High School: Focus of Change
    • Impact on Vendors
    • Moving Online: Continued Evolution
      • Table Statewide Online Testing Market Size, Growth, and Share, 2014/2015 versus 2015-2016 ($ in millions)
    • Issues Abound
    • A Case Study of Online Challenges: Tennessee
    • Changes Ahead
    • Competitive Landscape
    • Digital Challenges Spur Change
      • Table Summary of States' Primary Testing Vendors and Contract Status, Spring 2017
    • Consortia: Changing Business Models for Challenging Times
    • Case Study of a Consortium State: Vermont
    • Consolidation Reduces Number of Players
  • Classroom-Level Assessments
    • Table Sales, Growth, and Market Share of Classroom Assessments, 2014-2015 versus 2015-2016 ($ in millions)
    • Competitive Landscape
    • Embrace of Formative Assessment Process
    • Striving for a Balanced Assessment System
    • Increased Interest in Formative Assessment on the State Level
    • Relying on the Consortia
    • Increase in Customization
    • Integration of Assessments and Educational Materials
    • Role of Test Prep
    • Teacher-Created Assessments
    • March Toward Online
      • Table Online Classroom Assessment Market Size, Growth, and Share, 2014-2015 versus 2015-2016 ($ in millions)
    • Need for Professional Learning
  • Trends Affecting Assessment
    • Onward toward Science Assessments
    • Computer Adaptive Testing and AI Scoring
    • Case Study in Computer-Adaptive Testing: Virginia
    • AI Scoring and Other Technology Improvements
    • Challenge: How to Engage Students
    • Piloting Performance Assessments
    • Improving Accommodations
    • The Rise of Native-Language Tests
    • Assessing Below Grade 3
    • A Hold on Speaking and Listening
  • Conclusions and Outlook
    • Introduction
    • Slow Growth Ahead for the Assessment Market as a Whole
      • Table PreK-12 Assessment Market Forecast, 2015-2016 through 2019-2020P ($ in millions)
      • Table Forecasted Annual Growth in PreK-12 Assessment Market, 2016-2017 through 2019-2020P ($ in millions)
      • Table Forecasted Market Share, State Level Summative vs. Classroom Assessments, 2016-2017 through 2019-2020P ($ in millions)
    • Strong Growth in Online Assessment Continues
      • Table PreK-12 Online Assessment Market Forecast, 2015-2016 through 2019-2020P ($ in millions)
      • Table Forecasted Annual Growth in PreK-12 Online Assessment Market, 2016-2017 through 2019 - 2020P ($ in millions)
    • Uncertain Times to Continue
    • Pockets of Growth
    • Ramifications for Assessment Vendors
  • Who's Who
    • ACT
    • American Institutes for Research (AIR)
    • Amplify
    • College Board
    • Curriculum Associates
    • Data Recognition Corp.
    • Edmentum
    • Educational Testing Service
    • HMH Assessment
    • MasteryConnect
    • Mastery (formerly Peoples) Education
    • Measured Progress
    • Naiku
    • Northwest Evaluation Association
    • Pacific Metrics
    • PARCC
    • Pearson Education
    • Questar Assessment
    • Renaissance Learning
    • Scantron
    • SEG Measurement
    • Smarter Balanced
    • Triumph Learning
    • Vantage Labs
    • WestEd