Open Access Book Publishing - Market Research, Industry Trends, Market Share

Published: 08/29/2018
Pages: 60
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Open access is the online digital delivery free of charge to the reader and without most copyright and licensing restrictions. The term was only coined a dozen years ago and continues to undergo theoretical debate about how free the cost and how restrictive the rights.

Because open access removes price barriers, revenue is not necessarily the most important metric for the sector. Furthermore, revenue must be carefully defined because OA publishers employ many business models. Each publisher is different and often there are differences between publications within the same stable.

OA is still a young idea without the centuries of evolution of the traditional subscription and peer review methods. It took years for the online journal charging mechanisms to settle into a few discrete business models and open access still has its critics. Fundamental to the debate is the innate conflict of interest the paid gold model offers: the more that is published, the more money to be made.

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Table Of Contents

  • Methodology
    • Definition of Open Access Book Publishing
    • Scope of the Report
    • Sources of Information
    • Methodology for Projecting/Estimating Results
  • Executive Summary
    • Introduction
    • What is Open Access Publishing?
    • Key Facts & Trends
      • OA Books Reach $37 million, Up 31.7%
      • OA Books Continue to Experiment with Business Models
      • Most OA Publishers Are European SSH Presses
      • The Large STM Commercial Publishers Will Be Slow Join the Party
      • Funder Mandates Give STM OA Books a Lift
      • Social Sciences & Humanities OA Will Go Down a Separate Path
  • Open Access Book Market
    • Introduction
    • Market Size
      • Revenue
        • Table Open Access Book Market Revenue, 2013-2017 ($ in millions)
      • What is an OA Book Worth?
      • OA Metrics
        • Table Directory of Open Access Books Metrics, 2013-2017
        • Table OA Books Published by InTechOpen, Springer Nature & Knowledge Unlatched, 2013-2017
      • OA Funding & Mandates
      • OA Books by Discipline
      • Book Type
      • OA Books by Geography and Language
  • Notable Open Access Book Publishers & Programs
    • Introduction
    • Leading Open Access Publishers
    • Social Science and Humanities Presses Dominate the DOAB
      • Table Leading OA Book Publishers Ranked by Number of Titles, 2018
    • Leading OA Book Publishers by Revenue
      • Table Leading OA Book Publishers' Revenue, 2015-2017 ($ in millions)
    • Notable OA Publisher Profiles
      • Amsterdam University Press (WRR in Dutch)
      • Australian National University Press (ANU Press)
      • Bloomsbury Academic
      • Bohlau Verlag
      • Brill
      • De Gruyter
      • Frontiers
      • Gottingen University Press
      • Informa PLC
      • InTechOpen
      • Lever Press
      • MDPI AG
      • Oxford University Press (OUP)
      • Presses Universitaires de Rennes (PUR)
      • Punctum Books
      • Springer Nature
      • transcript Verlag
    • Cooperative OA Book Programs and Trials
      • Google Books
      • HathiTrust Digital Library
      • Knowledge Unlatched
      • MUSE Open
        • Table Cooperative OA Book Programs, 2018
      • Project Gutenberg
      • SciELO Books
    • Mergers & Acquisitions in the Open Book Publishing Market
  • Open Access Book Trends & Forecast
    • Introduction
    • Current Trends in Open Access Book Publishing
      • Viability of Open Access Books Remains Uncertain
      • Social Science & Humanities Books Will Largely Go Down a Separate Path
      • Springer Nature Will Play a Large Role in OA Books
      • Mandates Spread to Books
      • Open Access Is Not Done Evolving
      • Print Book Sales Are Falling, Only Part Replaced by E-Books
      • OA Books Bring Gains, But Also Complications like Double Dipping
      • OA Books Build on a Culture of Cooperation
      • Emerging Markets Fertile Ground for OA Books
      • Monographs and Conference Proceedings Are Up for Grabs
    • Open Access Book Publishing Market Forecast
      • Introduction
        • Table Open Access Book Market Revenue, 2018P-2022P ($ in millions)
      • Open Access Books Forecast
        • Table Directory of Open Access Book Forecast, 2018P-2022P
      • Assumptions
      • World Economy and Exchange Rates
      • Revenue Forecast of Top 5 OA Book Publishers
        • Table Leading Open Book Publishers Forecast, 2017-2018P ($ in millions)