Open Access Book Publishing - Market Research, Industry Trends, Market Share

Published: 11/02/2016
Pages: 170
Full Study Price: US$ 1,875

Open Access Book Publishing 2016-2020 provides essential data for publishing executives to build their strategies in this emerging market. The report covers open access publishing’s origins and quantifies it as a market segment.
The report also provides a financial outlook for open access book publishing through 2020 based on primary and secondary research. Research exists in conjunction with an overall study for scholarly and professional publishing as well.
Topics Covered:
• Open access publishing market size & structure
• Title growth metrics
• Open access publishing broken up by discipline
• Geographic markets fueling open access publishing
• Non-English language open access publishing
• Proprietary market projections to 2020.
Open Access Book Publishing 2016-2020 is key for publishing executives, M&A advisors, market analysts, and industry consultants navigating the scholarly and professional publishing industry. The report draws from a knowledge base of over 20 years worth of perspective.

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Table Of Contents

  • Methodology
    • Definition of Open Access Book Publishing
    • Scope of the Report
    • Sources of Information
    • Methodology for Estimating/Projecting Results
  • Executive Summary
    • Introduction
    • What is Open Access Publishing?
    • Key Facts & Trends
      • Nearly 10,000 Scholarly & Academic OA Books Are Available on the Internet
      • OA Books Grow 30% a Year, Account for About $21M in 2015 Revenue
      • OA Books Continue to Experiment with Business Models
      • Most OA publishers Are European SSH presses
      • The Large Commercial Publishers Will Join the Party
      • Funder Mandates Will Give STM OA Books a Lift
      • But SSH OA Will Go Down a Separate Path
  • Open Access Book Market
    • Introduction
    • Origins of a Movement
      • Table Timeline of Open Access Publishing, 2000 - 2007
    • Open Access Books Metrics
      • Table Open Access Book Market, Various Metrics, 2013-2015
    • Open Access Books Market Size
      • Table Open Access Book Market Revenue, 2013-2015 (Revenue $ in millions)
    • Funding & Mandates
      • Table Directory of Open Access Books, Titles By Discipline 2015
    • Open Access Books by Discipline
    • What Type of Books Are Published Open Access?
    • Open Access Books by Geography & Language
  • Notable Open Access Book Publishers & Programs
    • Introduction
    • Leading Open Access Book Publishers
      • Table Leading Open Access Book Publishers By Total Title Count 2016
    • Social Sciences, Humanities Presses Dominate the DOAB
      • Table Notable Open Access Book Publishers Ranked by No. Titles, 2016
    • Notable Open Access Publisher Profiles
      • Amsterdam University Press (WRR in Dutch)
      • Australian National University Press
      • Bloomsbury Academic
      • Bohlau Verlag (Wien, Koln, Weimar)
      • Brill
      • De Gruyter
      • Frontiers
      • Gottingen University Press
      • Informa
      • InTechOpen
      • Lever Press
      • MDPI AG
      • MIT Press
      • Oxford University Press
      • SciELO Books
      • Springer Nature
    • Cooperative Open Access Book Programs & Trials
      • Knowledge Unlatched
      • Ebook Foundation
    • Other Open Access Book Programs Not Included
      • Google Books
      • HathiTrust Digital Library
      • Project Gutenberg
  • Open Access Book Trends & Forecast
    • Introduction
    • Current Trends in Open Access Book Publishing
      • Open Access Is Not Done Evolving
      • Print Book Sales Are Falling, Only Partly Replaced by Digital
      • E-Books Have Become 'Journalized' & With Them Also OA Books
      • OA Books Build on a Culture of Cooperation
      • OA Books Will Capture a Significant Share of Emerging Market Output
      • Mandates Will Spread to Books
      • Authors Will Seek Quality
      • Major Publishers Will Not Play a Large Role in OA Books
      • Monographs & Conference Proceedings Are Up for Grabs
      • Mandates Will Help STM OA Books
      • SSH Books Will Largely Go Down a Separate Path
    • Open Access Book Publishing Forecast
      • Introduction
        • Table Directory of Open Access Books Forecast, Various Metrics, 2016P-2020P
      • Open Access Books Forecast
        • Table Open Access Book Market Revenue, 2016P-2020P ($ in millions)
      • Assumptions
      • World Economy & Exchange Rates