Publishing for the Mobile Professional - Market Research, Industry Trends, Market Share

Published: 10/18/2018
Pages: 87
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Definition of the Mobile Information Industry
Wireless technology is the relay of data and information over a distance without the use of physical wires. Wireless carriers are defined as companies that provide the bandwidth used to transmit information to both professionals and consumers. Core technologies include: Cellular, Satellite, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and WiMAX. Wireless devices are defined as smartphones, personal digital assistants, e-readers, media players and portable computers including laptops, notebooks and netbooks.
Scope of the Report
This report sizes the global market for professional information distributed via wireless technology services. Other businesses that may also be considered online, such as consumer information services, web technology companies, e-mail providers and software vendors are outside the focus of this report.

In sizing the market, this report presents historical, current and forecasted revenue as well as service subscriber totals for the top wireless information providers through 2017.

It should be noted that wireless revenue is estimated from the larger pool of online or electronic revenue, which in some cases cannot be broken out from total revenue, though Simba has made every effort to do so. Although this report may include some sales for
non-online products and services, the majority of the companies presented in this report have extensive online services and most generate the bulk if not all of their revenue through online content, tools and services. All financial figures cited in this report for individual companies or market segments are global in scope unless otherwise noted.

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