K12 Reading Market - Market Research, Industry Trends, Market Share

Published: 05/17/2017
Pages: 68
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K-12 Reading Market Survey Report 2017 examines the market for reading instructional materials in the U.S. and includes projected market dollar size.
The report examines the reading curriculums students use for instruction, assessment and remediation, examining program components that are important to educators when they determine their reading programs.
Topics covered:
• Whether core reading instructional materials have switched to digital
• Impact of new standards on reading instruction
• Which reading assessments track student progress
• Resources for struggling readers
• Leveling systems for matching materials with reading levels
• Which websites educators visit for reading resources.
K-12 Reading Market Survey Report 2017 is a Simba Information continuation of a series originally offered by Education Market Research. The report includes the results of a 30-question survey mailed to 20,000 educators in January 2017.
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Table Of Contents

  • Methodology
  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction & Market Size
    • Stagnant Achievement, Future Funding at Risk
    • Projected Spending in 2017 for Reading Instructional Materials
    • Shifts in Supplemental Spending for Reading
      • Table Supplemental Reading Spending Expected in School Year
    • Is the Reading Market Changing?
  • Core Reading Programs
    • Use of Core Basal Reading Programs
      • Table Core Use by Grade Level
    • What Core Reading Programs Are Being Used
      • Table Core Basal Program Being Used
    • How Long Using Core Reading Program
    • Choose the Same Core Reading Program Again
    • Add or Change in Core Reading Program
      • Table Like to Add or Change in Core Reading Series - Overall
      • Table Like to Add or Change in Core Reading Series by Level
      • Table Like to Add or Change in Core Reading Series by Job Title
    • Primary Tool If Not Using a Core Basal Reading Program
      • Table What Is Used Instead of Core
    • Trends in Core Basal Reading Program Use
  • Digital Resources for Reading
    • How Core Basal Program Is Accessed
    • Time Spent Using Any Digital Tools or Content
    • Device Used to Access Digital Tools or Content
    • Websites for Teacher Resources
      • Table Recommended Websites for Teacher Resources
    • Websites for Student Use
      • Table Recommended Websites for Student Resources
  • Assessment of Reading
    • New Standards, New Assessments
      • Table Information Given on How Much New Exams Differ
    • Testing Moves Online
    • Scheduling Student Testing
    • Reading Assessments Students Take
      • Table Reading Assessments Students Take by School Level
      • Table Reading Assessments Students Take, Changes over Time
    • Leveling Systems Schools Use
      • Table Leveling Systems Used by School Level
      • Table Leveling Systems Used, Changes over Time
  • Reading Intervention
    • Resources Used for Reading Intervention
      • Table Resources Used for Reading Intervention/Response to Intervention
    • Who Makes the Purchasing Decision
      • Table Who Makes Purchasing Decisions on Remediation/RtI Materials
    • Spending Trend for Reading Intervention
    • Criteria for Selection of Intervention
      • Table Criteria Driving Buying Decisions for Reading Intervention/Response to Intervention
  • Conclusion
    • What Is Sought in New Reading Programs
      • Table What Looking for in New Reading Materials
    • Where Materials Are Needed to Fill ELA Gaps
      • Table Where Materials Are Needed to Fill Gaps
    • Leaders in Providing Reading Material
      • Table Leaders in Providing Reading Resources
    • Leaders in Providing Professional Development
  • Appendix