COVID-19’s Impact on Education - Market Research, Industry Trends, Market Share

Published: 09/29/2021
Pages: 89
Full Study Price: US$ 3,900

Simba Information's new report Education Re-Entry: Getting Ready for School 2021-2022 provides vital insight into the needs and plans of school districts as they try to return to a sense of normalcy in the delivery of education to students in kindergarten through high school.

The report examines key issues that instructional materials and education technology providers will need to address due to the ongoing impact of the pandemic on K-12 education, including:

  • Learning loss and acceleration of learning among students
  • How to keep the momentum for use of technology and digital resources moving forward as students return to classrooms
  • The need to address social and emotional issues not only of children but of educators as well
  • The changing role of academic testing and the need to assess students to know what progress has been made or lost

The report includes case studies of four school districts and their handling of the various issues covered in the report.

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Table Of Contents

  • Methodology
  • Executive Summary
  • Academic Impact
    • Introduction
    • Mounting Evidence of Learning Loss
    • Results Vary By Demographic Group, Subject Area, and Learning Model
    • Classroom Grades Mirror Test Results
      • Table Reasons Behind Learning Loss
    • Reasons for Learning Loss
    • Struggles in Special Education
    • The Teacher's Perspective
      • Table Positives Emerging from Pandemic
    • Pandemic Positives
    • Strategies for Addressing Learning Loss
      • Table Learning Loss Strategies
    • Acceleration vs. Remediation
    • The Importance of Testing
    • Extended Time
    • Small-Group Tutoring
    • Challenges of Collaboration
    • The Educational Materials Landscape
    • Thinking Long-Term
  • Social-Emotional Issues at the Forefront
    • Introduction
    • Anxiety, Depression, and Isolation
    • Behavioral Concerns
    • Family and Societal Issues Impact the Classroom
    • Addressing Social-Emotional Challenges
      • Comfort, Community, and Connection
      • Communication and Connection
      • The Role of Counselors
      • Attending to Families and Teachers
    • Taking Time for Social-Emotional Learning
  • Acceleration of Technology Use
    • Introduction
    • The Transition to Remote Learning
      • Expansion of Devices
      • Looking Ahead
    • Proliferation of Virtual Learning Options
      • Management Considerations
      • Politics and Virtual Learning in the Short Term
    • Technology in the Classroom
      • Future Potential
      • Challenges and Policy Changes
  • Safety and the School Environment
    • Introduction
    • Uncertainty Continues in Fall 2021-2022
      • Immediate Outbreaks
      • Following CDC Guidelines
      • Politics Causes Disruptions
      • What Are Districts Doing?
    • Steps Toward Safety in the Classroom
      • Physical Distancing
      • Cleanliness Top of Mind
      • Capital Expenditures Continue
  • Impact on Educators
    • Introduction
    • Stresses on Teachers
      • Changing Roles
    • Attrition and Turnover
      • Hiring Challenges
    • Providing Support to Teachers
  • Budgets and Financing
    • Introduction
    • Federal and State Funding
      • CARES Act
      • Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act
      • American Rescue Plan
      • Other Federal Funding
      • State Funding
      • Avoiding a Funding Cliff
    • Enrollment Trends
    • Impact of the Pandemic on Budgets
    • Spending Priorities
      • Early Focus
      • Changing Priorities
      • The Cost of Safety
  • Case Studies
    • Introduction
    • Elmbrook (WI) Schools: Staying Prepared for Anything
      • Safety Strategies
      • Academic Concerns
      • Social-Emotional Turmoil
      • Federal Relief Priorities
    • Dundee (MI) Community Schools: Getting Rural Students the Technology They Need
      • Safety First
      • Addressing Student Needs
      • Relief Spending
    • Wissahickon (PA) School District: Finding Ways to Create Community
      • Collaboration in the COVID Classroom
    • Paramus (NJ) School District: Dealing with Emotions in the Classroom
  • Looking Ahead
    • Introduction
    • Continued Uncertainty
      • Post-Pandemic Challenges
      • Positive Impacts
    • Market Opportunities