Worldwide Yellow Pages 2007 - Pacific Rim

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Published Dec 11, 2007 | 96 Pages | Pub ID: CURP1539829

In a global economy, yellow pages publishers are increasingly looking beyond the borders of their own countries to grow their businesses, and the key to making a successful business plan for international growth is to rely on solid data and informed analysis of current market dynamics in targeted countries and regions.

Through its Worldwide Yellow Pages report series, published continuously in four volumes throughout 2007 (Americas, Europe, Asia and the Pacific Rim), Simba paints a comprehensive picture of the yellow pages markets in 30 countries and provides all the facts and figures needed to accurately assess the most promising growth opportunities for publishers.

Worldwide Yellow Pages 2007: Pacific Rim contains an overview of the global yellow pages market, and provides a focus specifically on directory operations in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore and Taiwan.

The Worldwide Yellow Pages report series provides first-hand access to the statistics and analysis that determine market strength:

  • The state of the yellow pages and directory publishing markets in 30 countries worldwide, including number of books, circulation, revenue and market share
  • Detailed descriptions of the business operations of leading players in each country
  • Directory revenue compared to population, GDP, and number of telephone lines by country
  • 2-year revenue/market share growth projections
  • Yellow pages ad spending compared to overall ad spending by country
  • Company profiles for major yellow pages publishers in each country

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