K-12 Enrollment By Subject/Course & Grade 2014-15 School

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Published Nov 1, 2014 | 36 Pages | Pub ID: CURP5815211

There are reliable sources tracking K-12 public school enrollments by region, by state, and even by grade. However, there have been no comprehensive statistics on student enrollment by academic subject.

What information does exist on student enrollment by subject has been scattered and very difficult to locate. All that changes with the publication of this EMR/SIMBA Information report, K-12 Enrollment by Subject/Course & Grade, 2014-15 School Year. Using this report, the specific course enrollments, within English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Foreign Language, etc. are now easy to find!

Planning to enter the K-12 school market for curriculum materials with a new product? Most likely that new product will be designed for a specific subject and grade span. Need to know the size of the potential user base for your product? Get this new report and you will see the student population numbers at the intersection of subject and grade for 60 separate courses including:

American Literature,
Creative Writing,
Instrumental Music,
World History,
Accounting, and
Trade & Technical Education

Choose your targets of opportunity based on the information contained in K-12 Enrollment by Subject/Course & Grade, 2014-15 School Year. Why take aim at a smaller target if a bigger, potentially more lucrative one is available? This report will identify for you the highest course enrollment numbers at the elementary, middle/junior high, and senior high levels.

The information contained in this report is unique, and it is not available from any source other than EMR/SIMBA Information. If you are responsible for developing products and/or sales/marketing plans for K-12, this report is an invaluable resource you must have on your desktop.
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