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Published Feb 1, 2022 | Pub ID: CU16958356
Simba Information Newsletter

Education Market Advisor: News, Insights & Trends Shaping the Education Industry has been the pre-eminent source of business news and analysis for educational publishing and marketing for over 40 years. Each issue is tightly packed with news and alerts to upcoming adoptions, mergers and acquisitions and tested success strategies for PreK-12 and college markets. Our publication is relied upon by top executives and decision makers at leading companies involved in the business of educational publishing.

Our editorial team uses exclusive rankings of PreK-12, college and supplemental publishers by revenue and market share to benchmark publisher operations and help you evaluate and contrast them against each other.

Our editors continually evaluate trends affecting the industry, assessing market opportunities, benchmarking performance among market leaders, and developing realistic, effective strategies for maximum short- and long-term growth among companies that provide instructional technology products and services.

With an emphasis on delivering Simba’s unique brand of metrics, analysis and short-and long-term perspective on events shaping the instructional materials industry, Education Market Advisor stands apart from other publications targeted to the educational publishing community.

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Our editorial mission is to thoroughly brief readers on the changes in demographics, enrollment and funding and how they will affect sales of core basal curriculum and technology products to schools and colleges. Subscribers to Education Market Advisor gain access to backstage looks at industry leaders and smaller publishers, insights into what's behind the latest textbook and software publisher alliances, and informed perspectives on strategies for non-adoption states.

Our scope of coverage includes:
  • Core basal curriculum
  • Supplemental instructional materials and assessment
  • Supplemental materials
  • Publisher strategies and exclusive rankings
  • Enrollment and demographics
  • State and federal funding overviews
  • Legislative issues
  • Trends in Testing
  • New and evolving digital instructional technologies, platforms and tools
  • Company financial results and stock reports
  • Spotlight on state and district initiatives
Coverage features reporting on key companies such as:

Accelerate Learning, ACT, Apex Learning, Adtalem, Akademos, Amplify, Barnes & Noble Education, Bedford, Boxlight, Cambium Learning, Capstone, Carnegie Learning, CatchOn, Curriculum Advantage, Curriculum Associates, Discovery Education, DreamBox Learning, Edmentum, Edsby, Google for Education, Freeman & Worth (Macmillan Learning), Benchmark Education, Carnegie Learning, Cengage (including National Geographic Learning), Chegg, The College Board, Coursera, Follett Higher Education, Global Education Grand Canyon education, Goodheart-Willcox, Great Minds, Hand2Mind, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Illuminate Education, Instructure/Canvas, Kahoot!, Kajeet, Kaltura, Learning Without Tears, McGraw Hill, Microsoft Education, NetDragon Websoft/Promethean/Edmodo, Newsela, OverDrive Education, Pasco Scientific, PBI Works, Pearson, Perfection Learning, PowerSchool, Renaissance, Safari Montage, Savvas Learning, Scholastic, School Specialty, Strategic Education, Stride, TCI, Turnitin, Vista Higher Learning, Weld North, VHS Learning, John Wiley & Sons, Zaner-Bloser, Zovio, and 2U.

Education Marketer Advisor is produced biweekly, 24 issues per year.

Robert Berkman, Managing Editor, Simba Information
Robert joined Simba Information in January 2022 from the University of Rochester (NY) where he served as the Business Librarian. He is the founder and editor of The Information Advisor’s Guide to Internet Research, and author of several books on effective research. Robert is a part-time faculty member at the School of Media Studies at The New School (New York, NY) where he teaches on emerging media technologies and on digital media ethics. He holds an MA in Journalism from the University of Montana.

Martha Harrell, Analyst/Editor, Simba Information
Martha joined Simba Information in December 2021 from Tennessee where she served as a Freelance Writer for many people in the area. She worked for seven years as an educator previously with two years of experience teaching at The University of Tennessee at Martin. Martha holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts: Theater, a Master of Science in Education: Initial Licensure, a Master Endorsement: Reading Specialist, and graduate credits in a Ph.D. Program in Neurolinguistics. Martha hopes to use her experience in education through writing for Simba Information.

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Simba Information Newsletter

Volume 53, Number 3 February 4, 2022 Focus Feature: Trends in Media Literacy Education, Part 1 of a 2 Part Series

With this article, Education Market Advisor launches Focus Feature, a monthly in-depth article where your editors report on and analyze the implications of critical trends that directly impact your market strategy.

We’re starting off our focus feature trends series with an examination of media literacy, a field that is rapidly gaining traction and is opening up new publishing opportunities for the educational market.

This special two-part focus feature report takes a deep look at how growing awareness of the need for media literacy is impacting the plans of states and school districts as well as which publishers are carving out a niche in serving current and anticipated demand for teaching media literacy.

The field currently presents three distinct market opportunities:

  • texts and materials for teaching students in secondary and higher education
  • professional development materials for teacher training
  • texts for faculty at graduate Schools of Education

This month we provide background on why interest in teaching media literacy is rising and what leading states are doing in response.

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February 4, 2022 Volume 53, Number 3
Education Market Advisor
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