Opportunities in Mobile Marketing & Advertising 2008-2009

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Published Nov 25, 2008 | 68 Pages | Pub ID: CURP1927780

Opportunities in Mobile Marketing & Advertising 2008-2009 provides a comprehensive overview of the burgeoning U.S. and global mobile marketing business, including analysis of industry structure, financial models, the competitive landscape, emerging trends, policy issues, and insights into the latest transmission and display technologies.

As smartphones and other handheld devices proliferate, mobile marketing is rapidly emerging as the next great frontier for advertisers in the highly competitive media market. This report examines in detail topics such as potential market size, opportunities for development in both the U.S. and globally, audience appetite and revenue models.

In addition, the report provides profiles of wireless carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and virtual providers, as well as content creators and aggregators, including publishers, advertisers, marketers and agencies, and offers an analysis of the relationship between the sectors.

Opportunities in Mobile Marketing & Advertising 2008-2009 presents an objective summary of competitive considerations surrounding the new medium, such as the role of advertisers, location- and technology-based issues, and first-mover advantages and disadvantages. The report also delves into emerging trends, including the use of video phones for marketing, and how social networks fit into the mix, and examines the regulatory issues surrounding the mobile marketing initiatives.

Simba takes a measured approach to developing its market size and forecast figures, and presents its findings in a no-nonsense fashion. Our clients can count on the objectivity and accuracy of our numbers and analysis—whether they’re preparing a strategic presentation, benchmarking their company’s performance against that of their competitors, or seeking out an acquisition, a new partnership or an alliance.

Whether you’re an advertiser, a marketer, an ad agency, a media buyer, a technology or wireless service provider, or work on the policy issues involving mobile marketing, if you have a stake in this emerging arena, can you afford to make decisions without access to the same market intelligence that your competitors are using? Give yourself a leg-up by ordering your copy of Opportunities in Mobile Marketing & Advertising 2008-2009 today.

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