National Survey of ELL Student and Teacher Materials

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Published Jun 1, 2005 | 226 Pages | Pub ID: CURP5815055

National Survey of ELL Student and Teacher Materials, prepared by Education Market Research and Course Crafters Inc. in 2005, provides an analysis of the estimated $550 million U.S. market for English Language Learner instructional materials for grades K-12.

This report provides an objective look at the ELL market segment based on the results of a detailed survey that was mailed in spring 2005 to a 10-state sample of 21,000 classroom teachers, ESL/ELL teachers, principals, and district ESL/bilingual supervisors working in grades K-5 and 6-12. “English Language Learner (ELL)” was defined for the respondents as “Any student who comes from a home where a language other than English is spoken. These students may or may not have enough proficiency in English to do well academically in all-English instructional settings. Here ELL is intended to encompass students who are categorized as ‘ESOL’, ‘LEP’, ‘ESL’, ‘EL’, or who are in a bilingual classroom.”

National Survey of ELL Student and Teacher Materials identifies the sources of funding for ELL instructional materials, the rankings and market shares of the most popular providers of ESL/ELL core instructional programs, the program features and components that are most important in terms of influencing educators to choose one ELL product over another, and the future needs in terms of effective instructional materials for ELLs.

If you need to know which ELL instructional materials programs and publishers are most popular, how much is being spent, and what the demand is for new ELL materials, you can’t afford to be without National Survey of ELL Student and Teacher Materials.

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