Business of Consumer Book Publishing 2007

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Published May 1, 2007 | 362 Pages | Pub ID: CU1493358

Business of Consumer Book Publishing 2007 is the premier source of market intelligence on the state of the U.S. trade book industry.

From Simba's exclusive study of 19 major subject categories to in-depth bestseller analysis from three leading lists to distribution and retailing trends, this report is the only publication that provides facts, figures and forecasts on the entire market, from publishers to distributors to retailers.

Business of Consumer Book Publishing 2007 delves into the fight for market share among leading publishers, uncovers the facts behind which books reach the bestseller lists and why, and examines the impact of the online medium and the proliferation of big-box stores on book retailing.

Our category analysis chapter provides title output, sales, case studies, and analysis of leading publishers and bestselling titles for the following subjects:

  • Art
  • Biography
  • Business
  • Classic literary fiction
  • Computers
  • Cookbooks
  • Gardening
  • Graphic novels
  • Health & fitness
  • How-to
  • Mystery
  • Political commentaries/current events
  • Reference
  • Religious/inspirational
  • Romance
  • Science fiction/fantasy
  • Self-help
  • Sports
  • Travel

This report is a “must-have” for any executive who wants to stay on top of a rapidly changing market. Can you afford to make decisions without access to the same market intelligence that your competitors are using?

Business of Consumer Book Publishing 2007, the latest market intelligence from Simba Information, brings you the inside story on what’s happening at publishing houses, bookstores, box stores and retailers right now.

  • Category Analysis: Simba’s trademark analysis of 19 major categories of consumer trade books, completely updated for 2007 -- make your list development decisions with clarity and confidence
  • Expanded Publisher Profiles: Details on 20 leading houses and how they stack up by revenue, title output and category dominance, as well as Simba’s exclusive perspective on each publisher’s strategy for the coming year
  • Analysis of the Retail Sector: A comprehensive look at where books are selling best and what’s motivating those sales, the latest on online bookselling PLUS profiles of the nation’s leading retailers

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