The iPad and Its Owner: Trends and Statistics 2014

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Published Nov 1, 2013 | 78 Pages | Pub ID: CURP5144035
The iPad and Its Owners: Trends and Statistics 2014

What started as a spin-off report from Simba’s successful Trade E-Book Publishing report series has, with this second edition, grown into a vital research tool in its own right.

In the first edition of The iPad and Its Owner, less than 15% of U.S. adults owned an iPad. Today, even with all of the new and credible competition Apple’s tablet line is facing, about one in five adults own an iPad, and the number just keeps rising. By studying the iPad owner as well as their media habits separately from that of the entire U.S. adult population and other groups, Simba has found evidence of a rising class of adults still often use legacy content such as books, newspapers, television and radio—but their relationships with those and other forms of content is changing. And even though certain kinds of content is available on the iPad it is still no guarantee the consumer will use it: according to Simba, about half of all iPad owners do not use e-books and that ratio has stayed the same even as iPad ownership rates have soared. 

New to this edition of The iPad and Its Owner: Trends and Statistics 2014 is data on what extent iPad owners use apps, how much they’ve spent on app/non-ebook content over the past twelve months, and where things stand with educational apps downloaded for children. The report still includes estimates on what the iPad market and tablet landscape will look like in five years, a full demographic profile of the iPad owner, trend information on how they feel about and interact with different kinds of media, psychographic details, and more. 

The iPad and Its Owner: Trends and Statistics 2014, which contains over 55 charts spread over 60 pages of analysis, is the definitive and independent resource for any professional who wants to understand this rapidly expanding class of consumers and get a glimpse of how they think about books, magazines, television, social media and more. Get your copy today.  

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