eTextbooks and Multimedia in Higher Education 2012

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Published Aug 29, 2012 | 52 Pages | Pub ID: CURP4869898
eTextbooks and Multimedia in Higher Education 2012 probes the rapidly changing roles of digital textbooks and multimedia learning resources in the arenas of college publishing and higher education, particularly in relationship to traditional print textbooks and used textbooks.

Also, this report examines the rise of digital learning environments, or platforms that can accommodate a course-full of digital resources to help students progress through the course and instructors to help improve student learning outcomes.
Topics in this report include:
Current penetration of etextbooks on college campuses and growth projections,
Position of multimedia-materials in the overall higher education media market and its forecasted growth,
Popular types of instructional materials in etextbook formats,
How etextbooks are impacting traditional marketing and sales channels,
Impact of open-source textbooks on traditional publishing of etextbooks.

eTextbooks and Multimedia in Higher Education 2012 is a critical tool for publishers, marketers and business developers in understanding market needs, trends and challenges.

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