Despite the New "Harry Potter," Book Sales Expected to Rise Less than 3% in 2007

Press Release
Jun 26, 2007
Stamford, CT, June 26, 2007 / PR Newswire — Book sales in the U.S. are expected to rise just 2.6% in 2007, in spite of the final Harry Potter book hitting the shelves this summer, according to the Business of Consumer Book Publishing 2007, the latest strategic market report from Simba Information.

"Harry Potter will again boost foot traffic in bookstores, but macroeconomic trends are putting more pressure on the industry," said Michael Norris, a senior analyst at Simba and co-author of the report. "With more books being sold at big-box stores and through online advance publication sales, where the pricing pressures are higher, the positive results just won’t flow as fast to publishers."

Norris added that the projected rise in the multi-billion dollar U.S. book publishing industry is well within the normal range of historic growth for a mature market, as consumers gravitate toward certain categories of books and away from others. And with the number of books available to consumers only growing, publishers must differentiate their products and extend the life of backlist titles. 

The new edition of the Simba report provides an in-depth assessment of the trade book publishing market, including detailed views of some of the most important trade publishing categories, such as Religious/Inspirational, Politics/Current Events, Biographies, Cookbooks, Health, Self-Help, Sports, Mystery, Business, and Graphic Novels.

Featuring detailed case studies in the 13 categories that saw bestsellers in 2006, the report also assesses leading publishers by net revenue growth and competitive standing by subject category.

The new report offers data analysis from a number of highly respected sources, including R.R. Bowker’s Books In Print, the American Association of Publishers and Simba's own Book Publishing Report, the monthly intelligence briefing on the state of the publishing industry. Scores of interviews with publishers, booksellers and other key players in the industry presents a truly comprehensive view of a surprisingly complicated business. The report is available by visiting Simba Information at:

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