PreK-12 Assessment Market Growing Quickly

Press Release
Oct 26, 2022

PreK-12 Assessment Market Growing Quickly 

Learning loss, focus on new innovative testing methods among drivers for growth 

Rockville, Md. – October 26, 2022 – The PreK-12 assessment market total sales reached close to $2.825 billion in 2021-2022, with 37.8% of the market attributable to state-level summative assessments, and almost two-thirds of the market attributable specifically to classroom assessments. The classroom segment is growing significantly, showing a year-over-year increase of 16.1% 


A variety of forces are spurring growth as well as significant innovation and changes in the PreK-12 assessment market. Among the most significant are addressing learning loss, the backlash against summative testing, teacher burnout and shortages, equity issues and testing anxiety. Federal and state programs and funding are also driving growth as well Innovative assessment models, such as “through year assessment” which has already been implemented in certain states as a potentially fairer, less stressful and more useful type of assessment. 


These and other timely data, projections, and analysis on the state of PreK-12 assessment and testing can be found in the just released report PreK-12 Testing Market Forecast 2022-2023.  The report provides detailed market sizing, structure and segments on the full PreK-12 assessment market, with breakdowns and analysis of shares of online testing, a special focus on state level tests and vendor contracts, classroom-level assessments, professional learning and a discussion of models for creating new innovative tests piloted around the country.    


Simba’s research has found that because of several factors: the disruption to testing caused by Covid, long standing concerns over the fairness and value of testing, and technological changes, that the industry is undergoing significant changes. Key ones analyzed in the report include the rise of computer-adaptive testing that offer simulations and immediate results; a scaling back of performance assessment for large scale summative purposes, and the continuing growth of digital resources, which Simba estimates currently makes up 65.2% of the total assessment market, with an estimated 87% of state-level assessments now being digitally administered. 


Other topics covered in the report include the increased focus on literacy for the youngest learners and increased demand for social-emotional learning, and language learning among other topics.  Also analyzed is the ongoing need for better and more analytics to better understand the full story of the data surfaced in test results. 


Finally, PreK-12 Testing Market Forecast 2022-2023 includes an overview of the leading publishers and providers of testing materials. Covered are profiles of: ACT, Amplify, Cambium Learning Group, Cognia, College Board, Curriculum Associates, Data Recognition Corp., ETS, NWEA, Pearson, Renaissance and Riverside Insights. 


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