Strong State Budgets and Grants Spur Growth in K-12 Science Instructional Materials Market

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Mar 16, 2022

Rockville MD, March 16, 2022-The market for K-12 instructional materials in science will grow at a strong pace in 2022-2023 and throughout 2023-2024, according to a just- published report by SIMBA Information. In the report, K-12 Science Market 2022 released on March 14 2022, SIMBA Information estimates that for the period of 2022-2024, total sales in this market will grow 7.1% and continue to grow, though at a slower pace in 2023-2024. Factors driving the increase include the continuation of strong state budgets, as well as grants from both governmental and non-governmental sources to promote science and STEM.


There are, though, hurdles and concerns that suppliers to this market need to monitor. Among these are the paucity of quality science materials that conform to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), new types of competition, and a pressing need for certain types of professional development.


The report provides a comprehensive examination of the current and future landscape of the market for scientific instructional materials in the K-12 grades. Among the key issues covered are the specific drivers for the rate of growth; the impact of digital on print; alignment of materials to the new standards; the growth of supplemental materials; the increasing usage of OER and teacher-created materials; how districts are integrating STEM learning; why the trend towards inquiry-based learning is changing the needs of this market; and news and developments from key companies serving this sector.


As of 2021, 20 states as well as the District of Columbia had adopted the Next Generation Science Standards, and 28 others have adopted their own standard informed by the same Framework. However, the report notes that fewer than 20% of materials in use in classrooms are aligned to the standards, representing an opportunity for publishers serving this market


Also explored is the need for more professional development: specifically, to meet the trend to rely on more inquiry-based learning in the classroom. This is especially true at the K-5 level, where teachers are not subject matter experts in science.


The report also examines noteworthy company and competitive developments. The ongoing growth in Open Education Resources (OER) and teacher-created materials can be considered a new form of competition; the creation of these materials are often driven by the need to produce more inquiry-based learning supplemental materials. Supplemental materials themselves are a noteworthy trend too, as they now consist of more than 60% of the total market.

The report also identifies moves made by traditional publishers including the strategic spin offs by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and Pearson K-12, and a discussion of company partnerships and acquisitions.


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