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Feb 8, 2021 COVID-19 Slowed But Did Not Gut 2020 Instructional Materials Adoptions in Schools
Sep 24, 2020 Scholarly Professional E-Books Knocked Down by COVID-19 Lockdown
Jul 7, 2020 COVID-19 to Accelerate Transition to Open Access Publishing
Jun 1, 2020 PreK-12 Instructional Resource Providers Adjust to a COVID-19-Defining Market
Jan 2, 2020 Texas 9-12 ELA Leads 2020 Instructional Materials Adoption Opportunities
Nov 26, 2019 Pace of Change in College Course Materials Accelerates
Oct 24, 2019 Scientific & Technical Publishing Bucked Headwinds, Posted Strong Growth in 2018
Oct 16, 2019 As Big Tests Subside, Assessment Is Being Integrated Into Instruction
Oct 3, 2019 College Course Materials Providers Promote Inclusive Access Initiatives
Sep 20, 2019 Interest in Social Studies Education Rebounds
Aug 7, 2019 From the Printed Page to AI, Instructional Materials Demand Is Broad in K-12 Schools
Jul 26, 2019 Medical Publishing Market in Transition Recovers in 2017-2018
Jun 27, 2019 Creating PreK-12 Publishing Strategies in a Changing School Market
Jun 24, 2019 Spanish Speakers Predominate as English-Language Learner Population Grows
May 14, 2019 Science Claims Attention in State K-12 Instructional Materials Adoptions in 2018
Mar 21, 2019 Amid Talk of Cuts, Funding for Education Continues to Grow
Mar 18, 2019 College Course Materials Providers Take Aim at Costs
Feb 21, 2019 Digital Tools and Content are Part of the Math Instruction Mix
Jan 25, 2019 Open Educational Resources Acceptance on the Rise
Dec 18, 2018 Social Science, Humanities Books Grow After Decade of Decline
Dec 5, 2018 College Course Materials Providers Take Aim at Costs
Oct 26, 2018 Publishing for Mobile Professionals Grows; 5G Networks Set To Take Flight
Sep 6, 2018 Trade Books, Courseware Projected to Grow the Fastest in Schools
Aug 30, 2018 Viability of Open Access Books Remains Uncertain
Aug 8, 2018 Changing Dynamics in the PreK-12 Educational Publishing Industry
Jun 26, 2018 Open Access Sales Exceed Expectations
Jun 25, 2018 Growing Student Population Provides Opportunities to Educational Publishers
May 8, 2018 From Makerspaces to Student-Led Learning, Future-Ready Schools Are Taking Shape
Apr 16, 2018 Rising Title I Funding Provides Opportunities to Schools & Vendors
Mar 23, 2018 Social Studies Claims Attention in State K-12 Instructional Materials Adoptions in 2017
Mar 21, 2018 Digital Delivery Breathes New Life into Professional Books and Scholarly Monographs
Mar 16, 2018 3 Important Trends to Know about Future-Ready Schools
Jan 25, 2018 College Publishers Maneuver Amid Volatile Market Trends
Nov 27, 2017 Schools Slow to Embrace the Option of Bring-Your-Own Device
Oct 17, 2017 Medical Online Content Sales to Surpass Books in 2018
Sep 22, 2017 Scientific & Technical Publishing Market Flat in 2016; Growth Hovers Amid Uncertainty
Sep 12, 2017 Dell Computers are Dominant Devices in U.S. K-12 Schools
Aug 23, 2017 Schools Embrace Personalized Learning and Instructional Materials Get Personal
Jun 19, 2017 Why PreK-12 Education Resource Providers Should Take Note of Enrollment Trends
Jun 14, 2017 Apple iPads are Dominant Tablet in U.S. K-12 Schools
May 22, 2017 Simba Information's New K-12 Education Market Report Details Reading Materials Spend Projections
May 9, 2017 Next Generation Science Standards the Future of PreK-12 Instructional Materials Adoptions in U.S. Education
Mar 27, 2017 States Jettison Some Tests, but They Hold on to Measuring Student Progress
Feb 14, 2017 Digital Course Solutions & eCommerce Shift Strategies in College Market
Feb 1, 2017 New Simba Report Explores Display Technology in Schools
Jan 31, 2017 STM Online Services to Grow Despite Brexit, Trump
Jan 10, 2017 Open Access Trends 2017: Challenges and Opportunities
Dec 21, 2016 InTechOpen Identified as World Leader in Open Access Books by Simba Information Open Access Book Publishing 2016 - 2020 Report
Mar 21, 2014 Complete K-12 Report: 2014 - Broad Market Coverage, With Strong Focus on Assessment & PD!
Feb 18, 2014 Social Media, Mobile Adoption Hasn't Lifted Current Awareness News and Research Market
Jan 10, 2014 Social Science, Humanities Publishing Squeezed by Global Emphasis on Scientific, Medical R&D
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