Yellow Pages Market Forecast 2005

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Published Mar 1, 2005 | 175 Pages | Pub ID: CURP1577912

Yellow Pages Market Forecast 2005 is the premier source for providing reliable insight to past, present and future trends shaping the yellow pages directory publishing market.

For over 20 years, professionals tracking the yellow pages industry have relied on The Yellow Pages Market Forecast for an accurate and unbiased inside look at the U.S. market. Moving past the headlines and top-line data, this report uncovers information affecting mergers & acquisitions, advertising spending, rates and trends, as well as syndicated usage research, competitive business strategies and revenue/ market share projections shaping the marketplace.

Fueled by an expansive information archive, personal interviews with industry leaders and detailed analysis of public information --The Yellow Pages Market Forecast 2005 delivers an effective solution for benchmarking success, sizing revenues, pinpointing investment activity drivers, identifying growth opportunities and much more!

Table of Contents
Executive Summary

Chapter 1: Overview of the U.S. Yellow Pages Publishing Market
Industry Size and Growth
National and Regional Economy
Mergers and Acquisitions in 2003
Litigation in the Yellow Pages Industry
Industry Trends and Analysis
Increasing Competition
New Internet Directory Models
Local Search
Syndicated Research Standards

Table 1.1: Statistical Summary of the Yellow Pages Industry, 2000-2003
Table 1.2: Personal Income, by State and Region, 3Q 2002 v. 3Q 2003
Table 1.3: Fastest Growing States in Personal Income, 3Q 2002 v. 3Q 2003
Table 1.4: Acquisitions, Mergers and Divestitures by Yellow Pages Publishers, 2003
Table 1.5: Financial Size of Selected Yellow Pages Acquisitions
Table 1.6: Yellow Pages Lawsuits, 1982-2004

Chapter 2: Yellow Pages Advertising and Publishing
Total Advertising and Yellow Pages Advertising
National Advertising Agencies
TMP Worldwide
Wahlstrom Group
Berry Network
Ketchum Directory Advertising
Yellow Pages Advertising Rates
Yellow Pages Advertising Revenues at Regional Bell Companies
SBC Smart Yellow Pages
Verizon Information Services
BellSouth Advertising & Publishing
Dex Media
Independent Telco and Non-Telco Publishers
Alltel Publishing
CBD Media
Clarke Directory Publications
EATEL/SunShine Pages
Feist Publications
Phone Directories Co
R.H. Donnelley Publishing & Advertising (Sprint)
TransWestern Publishing
Valley Yellow Pages
White Directory Publishers
Yellow Book USA
Independent Publishers vs. Non-Bell Telcos vs. RBOC Publishers
Employment in Directory Publishing
Summary and Conclusions

Table 2.1: Revenue Growth in All U.S. Advertising Media, 2000-2004E
Table 2.2: National vs. Local Advertising Revenues, 2000-2004E
Table 2.3: Yellow Pages Advertising Compared to Other Local Advertising Media, 2000-2003 and Forecast 2004
Table 2.4: Comparison of National and Local Yellow Pages Revenues, 2000-2004E
Table 2.5: Selected Largest Certified Marketing Representatives, 2002-2003
Table 2.6: Average Advertising Rate Increases, 25 Top RBOC Directories, 1990-2004E
Table 2.7: DHC Rates, CPMs in 25 Top RBOC Directories
Table 2.8: Yellow Pages Revenues for Regional Bell Publishers, 2002-2004E
Table 2.9: Yellow Pages Revenues vs. Total Revenues, Top 6 Telco Companies, 2003
Table 2.10: Estimated Revenues of Select Non-Telco Publishers, 2002-2003
Table 2.11: Yellow Pages Revenues by Publisher Category, 2002-2004E
Table 2.12: Select Telco-Affiliate Publishers Ranked by Employee Headcount, 2001-2003
Table 2.13: Forecast Yellow Pages Revenues, 2004
Table 2.14: Yellow Pages Revenues vs. Telco Revenues vs. Advertising in All Media, 1985-2003
Table 2.15: Yellow Pages Growth Rates, 1990-2003 and Forecast 2004 56

Chapter 3: Internet Yellow Pages
Top Publishers in the Internet Yellow Pages Arena
CBD Media/Cincinnati
Internet-Only Yellow Pages Providers 61
Switchboard Inc
Superior Business Network
Partnerships Extend Reach
Online Directory Listings and Enhancements

Table 3.1: Internet Yellow Pages Advertising Revenue, 2002-2004E
Table 3.2: Internet-only Yellow Pages Publishers’ Revenues, 2002-2003
Table 3.3: Internet Yellow Pages Key Alliances
Table 3.4: Who Powers Whom
Table 3.5: Sources of RBOC Online Directory Listings
Table 3.6: Basic Internet Yellow Pages Listing Charges

Chapter 4: Markets for Printers and Suppliers
Directory Unit Production By Publisher
Billings in RBOCs’ 50,000+ Circulation Directories Fall in 2003
Leading Directory Printers
R.R. Donnelley
Quebecor World
Stevens Graphics
Verizon Information Services Printing
College Publishing
Paper Consumption by Directory Publishers
Changes in the Pre-Media Market
Volt Information Sciences
Sales Agents Continue Their Struggle in 2003
R.H. Donnelley
The Berry Co
Summary and Conclusions

Table 4.1: RBOC Directory Publishers by Circulation, 2002-2003
Table 4.2: Large Independent Telco and Non-Telco Directory Publishers by Circulation, 2002-2003
Table 4.3: Number of Titles and Yellow Pages Volume in RBOC Directories with Circulation More Than 50,000, 2002-2003
Table 4.4: Circulation in RBOC Books over 50,000 Circulation Vs. Total RBOC Circulation, 2002-2003
Table 4.5: Summary of Leading Directory Printers, Major Customers and Print Runs, 2002-2003
Table 4.6: Capacity and Consumption, Uncoated Groundwood Paper, 2002-2003
Table 4.7: U.S. Demand for Directory Paper, 2002-2003
Table 4.8: Outlays for Printing, Paper, Other Production and Distribution, Directory Publishing Industry, 2000-2003

Chapter 5: Profiles of Regional Bell Publishers
BellSouth Corp
Dex Media Inc
SBC Communications
Verizon Communications

Chapter 6: Profiles of Independent Telco Publishers
Alltel Corp
CBD Media
Citizens Communications/FrontierPages
EATEL/SunShine Pages
R.H. Donnelley/Sprint Publishing & Advertising

Chapter 7: Profiles of Independent Publishers
Clarke Directory Publications
Feist Publications
Phone Directories Co
TransWestern Publishing
Valley Yellow Pages
White Directory Publishers
Yellow Book USA

Chapter 8: Profiles of Leading Printers and Suppliers
The Berry Co. Inc
College Publishing
Quebecor World Inc
R.R. Donnelley & Sons
Stevens Graphics Inc
Verizon Information Services Printing
Volt Information Sciences Inc

Chapter 9: Profiles of Leading Internet-Only Directories
Superior Business Network Inc