The Yellow Pages Bankruptcies 2011: Financial Crisis

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Published Jul 27, 2011 | 107 Pages | Pub ID: CURP6059299

The yellow pages industry has been rocked by economic woes since 2009 when three publishers—Ambassador Media, Idearc Media (now SuperMedia) and R.H. Donnelley (now Dex One)—and one key supplier—Quebecor World (now Quad/Graphics—filed for bankruptcy protection. The economic problems claimed another publisher in late 2010 when Local Insight, the fifth largest publisher in the U.S., followed suit.

Since those dark economic days many companies have been reorganized, reinvented and renamed as they scrambled to move away from print and into the online world.

Many considered the bankruptcies as a sign of the collapse of yellow pages print industry brought on by the Internet while others look to the internal operations of companies, which often resulting in the entrance to executive offices becoming revolving doors.

The Yellow Pages Bankruptcies 2011: Financial Crisis takes an in-depth look at the actions behind the scenes that led to bankruptcy court, chronicles their progress to date and projects where the companies and the entire industry—both independent and incumbent—are likely to find themselves in the future.

Highlights of The Yellow Pages Bankruptcies 2011: Financial Crisis include:

  • The cases behind the financial collapse of Ambassador, Idearc, R.H. Donnelley, Quebecor World and Local Insight.
  • The likely fate of the remaining mega publishers: AT&T, Yellowbook and Yellow Pages Group;
  • The impact on CMRs and suppliers;
  • Delivering yellow pages information through print vs online or mobile;
  • The keen competition to print the yellow pages heightens with Quad/Graphs and R.R. Donnelley vying for their business;
  • A look at the industry’s competition—both print and electronic;
  • A segment by segment breakdown of the industry.

Company profiles of the leading Yellow Pages publishers include:

  • Ambassador
  • AT&T
  • Dex One
  • Local Insight Media
  • Quad/Graphics
  • SuperMedia
  • User-Friendly Media
  • Yell Group
  • Zip Local
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