Worldwide Yellow Pages - Central Europe 2007

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Published Dec 1, 2006 | 61 Pages | Pub ID: CU1400230

Publishers looking for growth opportunities in markets abroad know that the single most trusted source of data and analysis about the global Yellow Pages and Internet Directory industry is Simba’s Worldwide Yellow Pages. Simba’s Worldwide Yellow Pages will provide you with:
  • 2-year forecast of directory revenues
  • Historical revenues from 2000
  • Competitive profiles by region and country, including publishers, vendors and Internet Yellow Pages directories.
  • Over 70 in-depth company profiles in 8 regions and 31 countries
  • Published throughout 2006 to provide you continuously updated information source
  • Market and company level information, such as directory revenue per capita and distribution, essential for benchmarking your concern.
Simba’s Worldwide Yellow Pages provides over 200 tables and charts to illuminate the numbers that matter to you most. Samples tables include
  • Telephone Directory Market in Relation to the Economy
  • Directory Market in 2005, Projected 2006-2007
  • Telephone Directory Publishing, 2000-2005, Projected 2006-2007
  • Directory Publishing in Relation to the Telephone Industry, 2006
  • Growth in Telephone Industry, 2000-2005, Projected 2006-2007
  • The Advertising Industry
  • Telephone Directory Publishers, 2006

Each regional volume includes:
  • Size comparison to the entire telecommunications segment
  • Telephone revenues by region/country - per capita and GDP
  • Statistics on directory advertising in relation to local economic factors
  • Directory revenue forecasts for the next three years
  • Data on directory advertising versus other media
  • Key contact information on each publisher, including key personnel with e-mail
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