Wireless Information in Professional Markets 2009-2010

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Published Oct 22, 2009 | 102 Pages | Pub ID: CURP2071806

The market for critical business and professional information delivered via cell phone or PDA might be the most exciting application to spring out of the technology revolution. Adoption of these services has already taken hold in the fields of law, health care and finance, but its full potential has not yet been met. Wireless Information in Professional Markets 2009-2010 focuses on market penetration, usage patterns, pricing, end-user segment profiles, major players, emerging technologies and the challenges this market will face as it continues to evolve.

Wireless Information examines wireless technology in the context of its ability to deliver information to professionals and how that will impact the companies that develop and sell information aimed at professionals. The report provides:

  • An overview of the size of the market broken down by the law, business and health care industries;
  • Includes a discussion of industry, business and technology forces impacting wireless information;
  • Profiles the leading professional wireless information providers;
  • Identifies and analyzes the key networks that carry or provide wireless communication services in the following regions: North America, Europe and Asia; and Examines the core technologies (cellular, 3G, satellite, bluetooth, WiFi ) and devices (smartphones, PDAs, e-readers, media players, mobile computing) used in wireless information markets.

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