Trends in Digital and Trade Book Retailing 2013

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Published May 14, 2013 | 149 Pages | Pub ID: CURP5002423
Over the years, Simba has seen e-book retailing appear as a topic in its own right, and last year’s Trends in Trade Book Retailing 2012 we included e-bookselling intelligence alongside the comprehensive print book data this report series is known for. Simba has upped the ante once again, and this year we present the fifth edition of our retail report series, Trends in Digital and Trade Book Retailing 2013.

If 2012 taught the publishing industry anything, it is that neither print books nor e-books can sell themselves. Trends in Digital and Trade Book Retailing 2013 shows comprehensive, independent data on where consumers are buying print, where they are buying digital, how much they are spending—and what extent their worlds overlap.

This report allows the user to understand and better serve the ‘dual-format consumer’ more than ever before by compiling nationally representative consumer data on who is buying books, what they are buying and where they are buying them.  The report again brings five-year trend information on bookstore, online and ‘other’ channels;  displaying just what kind of path each segment of bookselling is traveling—and what kind of market share each may be heading for in the future. And for the first time, Simba presents exclusive data on Kindle users—and where else they shop for books might surprise you. 

Using proprietary data, this report also shows two years’ worth of data or more to allow users to see where e-book retailers like Amazon, Apple’s iBookstore and Barnes & Noble stand among e-book consumers as well as how print book channels have fared. This data provides the comprehensive review of the state of book retailing that just isn’t available anywhere else. 

Trends in Digital and Trade Book Retailing 2013 covers the complicated facets of the print and e-bookselling world with over 125 pages and over 70 charts. Reserve your copy today!

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