Trade E-Book Publishing 2011

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Published Apr 26, 2011 | 176 Pages | Pub ID: CURP6056607

Now in its third year, Simba’s Trade E-Book Publishing report series has been recognized as the source for independent and myth-busting analysis on the most exciting but least understood segment of trade books.

For our 2011 edition, Simba has upped the ante by continuing its exclusive, nationally representative survey of U.S. adults on a quarterly basis, allowing the authors of the report to add new e-book devices (including the iPad and the Nook Color) to our coveted device analysis and add more questions on this ever-changing segment.

This new edition expands on Simba’s already-extensive e-book category analysis, updated demographic data of e-book buyers, data on how consumers really feel about pricing, projections on how many consumers will enter this market in the coming years, and much more.

The report also provides demographic intelligence about the e-book consumer—including gender, age, household income, education level and more. Simba has also studied the average number of e-books read by consumers of the format and compared it to what is known about the consumption of print titles. Since Simba’s survey does not target book buyers exclusively, we are able to capture the nuances of the common e-book reader in ways the competition just can’t match.

Trade E-Book Publishing 2011 also features trends and pitfalls in the marketplace, key publisher and retailer initiatives, new psychographic details of consumers and a thorough device analysis. You can’t afford to be without this groundbreaking analysis.

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