Trade E-Book Publishing 2010

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Published Apr 12, 2010 | 136 Pages | Pub ID: CURP2523084
Last year, Simba presented Trade E-Book Publishing 2009, the only report to date that’s put the e-book market into a proper perspective. Simba took the microphone away from voices that have a stake in the future of e-books and presented independent and myth-busting analysis on the most talked about (but most unknown) segment of trade books.

Once again, Simba takes e-book questions directly to consumers in the form of an exclusive survey of 1,880 U.S. adults and combines it with additional analysis. In our second year of polling a nationally representative sample of adults, Trade E-Book Publishing 2010 will see just how much has changed in the market in one year—and what will be in store for the one ahead. This new edition includes definitive analysis of the devices on which e-books are read, the results of a Kindle owner’s survey administered in December 2009, an extensive category analysis, updated demographic data of e-book buyers, and much, much more.

New to this edition is a section on price sensitivity of e-books, as well as updated information on last year’s report, which determined 8% of the U.S. adult population bought at least one e-book in the prior 12-month period.

The report also provides demographic intelligence about the e-book consumer—including gender, age, household income, education level and more. Simba has also studied the average number of e-books read by consumers of the format and compared it to what is known about the consumption of print titles.

Trade E-Book Publishing 2010 also features trends and pitfalls in the marketplace, key publisher and retailer initiatives, new psychographic details of consumers and a thorough device analysis.

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