Trade E-Book Publishing 2009

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Published Mar 31, 2009 | 100 Pages | Pub ID: CURP2089080

“What we know about e-books shouldn’t be created with hype and maintained through misunderstanding.” --Michael Norris, Senior Analyst, Simba Information

Trade E-Book Publishing 2009 analyzes the market for electronic books through the eyes of two of the most prominent vendors: Amazon and Sony.

Simba Information’s trade books group has watched the e-book segment expand in its own right. But too much of what’s known about this market has been created by hype and maintained through misunderstanding. By taking e-book questions directly to consumers in the form of an exclusive survey of 2,600 U.S. adults and combining it with additional analysis, Simba has been able to answer some important questions and bust some myths about the publishing segment everyone is talking about. Trade E-Book Publishing 2009 includes:

  • Detailed analysis from an exclusive Simba Information poll of 2,600 adults

  • An answer to the big question: what percentage of adults read and/or buy e-books?

  • The average number of e-books read in 2008 by consumers of the format to see what extent there is demand for an "iPod of books"

  • Demographic data about the buyers of e-books, including gender, age, household income and more

  • Analysis on pricing trends and a discussion of the risks/reward potential of "free" e-books

  • Definitive analysis of the devices on which e-books are read—including the iPhone and Kindle—and the surprise No. 1 choice for consumers

  • Extensive category analysis drawn from a six-month study of Amazon and Sony bestseller lists as well as a comparison between the two e-book stores

  • Assessment about the opportunities and pitfalls of this market

  • And more

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