K-12 Technology Tools & Trends 2009

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Published Mar 10, 2009 | 104 Pages | Pub ID: CURP2041370

Simba Information’s K-12 Technology Tools and Trends 2009 report provides crucial business intelligence on the use and future growth of technology in U.S. schools from popular devices to organizational tools and networking applications.

With increased demand for individualized student learning, and the recognized need to continue initiatives to raise student achievement and keep U.S. students competitive in the 21st century global economy, expectations are for growth in the use of technology in schools, fueled by support from a new administration in Washington, D.C.

Specifically for this new report, Simba Information teamed up with leading education market research firm Market Data Retrieval to conduct a survey of district and school technology coordinators and curriculum directors on their technology needs and purchasing plans in the next five years. The results of the survey are bolstered by the in-depth interviews, case studies and the insight of Simba Information analysts to examine current impacts of technology and what educators envision as the next wave of technology to hit K-12 classrooms.

Topics include:

  • Trends in school preference and use of various computing devices from desktops to cell phones and MP3 players;
  • Penetration of electronic/interactive whiteboards;
  • Demand for instructional management systems;
  • Expectations for classroom use of Web 2.0 applications;
  • Impact of technology use on curriculum content, including e-textbooks, assessment and video.

Presenting findings from K-12 Technology Tools & Trends 2009, Simba senior analyst Kathy Mickey spoke at the MDR-hosted webinar K-12 Technology: The Latest Usage & Buying Trends.

In the challenging economic climate in the school market, the K-12 Technology Tools and Trends 2009 report is an essential market intelligence tool more critical than ever for publishers and editors, technology hardware and software developers, as well as marketing, business development and investment professionals.

Survey topics examine current and projected use of instructional devices: desktop computer, laptops/notebook computers, tablets, electronic whiteboards, handheld computing devices, cell phones and MP3 players.

Also, organizational tools: learning management systems, instructional management systems, course management systems, portals and distance learning courses. And, networking and Web 2.0 applications for professional development and classroom instruction.

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