Technology & Information Markets

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Published Jun 8, 2009 | 92 Pages | Pub ID: CURP1609440

Technology and Information Markets examines how technology is becoming even more critical to publishers and information providers as a result of the economic crisis.

Once dominated by tweens, social media sites have rocketed to popularity among business professionals and consumers of all ages. Businesses are increasingly coming around to the belief that they need to connect and interact with their prospective clients, and social networking sites provide the vehicle for that contact. The ultimate challenge—and opportunity—in winning the relevance battle on search engines will be to consistently provide quality content.

Technology & Information Markets gives a rundown of the top technologies impacting and shaping information markets. It explains these technologies in laymen’s terms and gives real world examples of what they are used for today. This handy reference outlines how these technologies might be used in the future, their impact on the market and what obstacles have to be overcome for each to reach its full potential. Technologies include:

  • Search algorithms
  • Wireless technology
  • Customized information delivery (such as RSS) and workflow integration
  • Text-analytics
  • Algorithmic trading in financial markets
  • Targeted ad-serving technologies
Table of Contents


Executive Summary

Chapter 1: Search Algorithms
Anatomy of Google’s Search Technology
The Growing Importance of Social Media
Paid Search Strategies Remain Important to the Online Marketing Mix
Search Engines and Traffic Measurement
Selected Leading Strategic Internet Marketing Firms
ArteWorks SEO
Bruce Clay Inc.
Customer Magnetism
Increase Visibility Inc.
Intrapromote LLC
Portent Interactive
SEO Image Inc.
Opportunities, Challenges and Outlook for SEO and SEM

Table 1.1: Market Share of Searches, Major Search Engines, March 2009
Table 1.2: Number of Search Queries, Major Search Engines, March 2009
Table 1.3: Search Query Report, Total U.S. Home/Work/University Locations, March 2009 vs. February 2009
Table 1.4: Life of a Google Query
Table 1.5: TopSEOs Ranking of Best Organic Optimization Companies, May 2009

Chapter 2: Wireless Technology
Trends in Use of Wireless Devices
Leading Wireless Technologies
IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi
Selected Leading Wireless Technology Providers
Alvarion Ltd.
Apple Inc.
Research in Motion
Sprint Nextel Corp.
Tranzeo Wireless Technologies Inc.
Opportunities, Challenges and Outlook for Wireless Technology

Table 2.1: 5-Year Growth in U.S. Penetration of Cellular/Wireless Phones
Table 2.2: 3-Year Growth - Online/Internet Computer Services, Device of Access at Home
Table 2.3: 3-Year Growth - Online/Internet Computer Services, Device of Access at Work
Table 2.4: 3-Year Growth - Online Connections Through Wireless/WiFi

Chapter 3: Customized Information Delivery and Workflow Management
The Siren Song of Web Feeds
Leading Web Feed Technologies
RSS Versus Atom
Selected Customized Information Delivery Providers
Alacra Inc.
Comtex News Network Inc.
Moreover Technologies
Outlook for Customized Information Delivery

Chapter 4: Text Analytics
How Text Analytics Unlock Business Intelligence
Practical Applications for Text Analytics
Selected Leading Text Analytics Firms
Attensity Group
enherent Corp.
Harris Interactive
IBM Corp.
ixReveal Inc.
Megaputer Intelligence Inc.
SAS Institute Inc.
ZyLAB North America LLC
Opportunities, Challenges and Outlook for Text Analytics

Table 4.1: Key Business Functions Enhanced by Text Analytics

Chapter 5: Algorithmic Trading in Financial Markets
History of Algorithmic Trading
How Algorithmic Trading Works
Selected Leading Algorithmic Trading Technology Firms
4th Story LLC
Fox River Execution Technology LLC
Instinet LLC
Orc Software
Pipeline Trading Systems LLC
RTS Realtime Systems Inc.
Strategy Runner Ltd.
Tethys Technology Inc.
Opportunities, Challenges and Outlook for Algorithmic Trading

Chapter 6: Targeted Ad-Serving Technologies
As Big Brother Watches You, the Government Watches Big Brother
Internet Advertising Is a Big Business, and Growing
Leading Ad-Serving Technologies Explained
Keyword Advertising
Pop-up Advertising
Rich Media Advertising
Selected Leading Ad-Technology Providers
24/7 Real Media
Akamai Technologies Inc.
Eyewonder Inc.
Microsoft Corp.
Opportunities, Challenges and Outlook for Ad-Serving Technologies

Table 6.1: Online Advertising Revenue, 2008 vs. 2007
Table 6.2: Internet Advertising Revenue by Format, 2008
Table 6.3: Internet Ad Revenue by Major Industry Category, 2008 vs. 2007

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