New Teachers, Getting Adjusted, 2015-2016

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Published Mar 2, 2016 | 70 Pages | Pub ID: CURP5915012
Abstract: K-12 New Teacher Survey 2015

The teaching profession is under going significant change, as is K-12 education in general—new modes of instruction, new ways to deliver instructional resources, implementation of technology in the classroom and a new focus on accountability for student achievement.

The innovative ideas and expectations new teachers bring to the classroom and how more experienced teachers are adapting to these changes impacts the future of education. For this report, Simba Information partnered with MCH Strategic Data to conduct a survey of teachers about their classroom experiences, expectations and needs.

The relatively short survey (27 multiple choice questions) was deployed over several weeks in October 2015. Questions addressed two main areas:
  • Teachers’ feelings about their preparation and their needs to be more effective;
  • Teachers’ use of instructional materials and technology.
This report examines those responses, particularly in how the experiences and responses differ among teachers new to the profession, experienced teachers new to their current position and experienced teachers long-established in their current position.
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