Supplemental Products Market: 2013 Executive Briefing

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Published Jan 9, 2014 | 16 Pages | Pub ID: CURP5815247
Get a brief overview and introduction to EMR's latest industry survey report, Supplemental Products Market: 2013 Size, Growth & Trends, in this informative presentation now available for purchase. This 16-slide Powerpoint presentation, which covers the supplemental education products market, briefly discusses the key players in the industry, characteristics of participating companies, and market trends and drivers.

Slide 1: Title

Slide 2: Supplemental Products Market 2013

Slide 3: Definition of Supplemental Products Market

Slide 4: Characteristics of the Participating Companies

Slide 5: Characteristics of Participating Companies

Slide 6: Sizing the Market for Digital Educational Resources

Slide 7: Market Trends Related to Common Core Standards

Slide 8: Summary and Conclusions: Supplemental Materials

Slide 9 & 10: Market Drivers

Slide 11: Comparing the Growth Rate of Digital and Non-Digital Products

Slide 12: Total Supplemental Products Market

Slide 13: Analysis of Sales by Four Core Curriculum Areas

Slide 14: Analysis of Sales by Four Core Curriculum Areas

Slide 15: Analysis of Supplemental Sales by Product Application

Slide 16: Questions?

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