State of College Course Materials 2018-2019

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Published Oct 1, 2019 | 70 Pages | Pub ID: CURP16045585
State of College Course Materials 2018-2019

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The College Course Materials Market reports from Simba Information provide a grounding in the market for instructional resources in higher education in the U.S.: the changes in the market landscape and how the instructional materials industry is addressing those changes. State of College Course Materials 2018—2019 is now available and focuses on two main areas:
  • current landscape conditions in the higher education market and
  • the competitive environment for publishers and distributors of instructional resources for college programs.
In this report, Simba provides both sizing and context for the market segments of new course materials: new textbooks (print), digital media (including etextbooks) and used textbooks.

The report provides market segment sales estimates for 2017 and 2018 with segment projections for 2019 and discusses the developments in the industry and higher education market that led to changes in sales of new print textbooks, digital media—including etextbooks, as well as used textbooks.

In State of College Course Materials 2018—2019, Simba Information examines the conditions in the market—particularly enrollment, funding and policy—that shape the environment that publishers and providers of instructional technology sell into. Simba also examines the various strategies publishers and distributors are employing to address the needs of instructors and students as well as maximizing their own position in the market in the time period of 2018 and the first half of 2019.

Topics covered in this report include:
  • Student enrollment by institutional type, 2017
  • Changing approaches of the for-profit career-college industry to meet needs of students
  • How states are addressing the costs students confront in getting a college education
  • Federal relaxation of regulations governing for-profit institutions
  • Tracking change in state support of higher education
  • Growing emphasis on workforce education and the focus on apprenticeships
  • Changes in how states are approaching remedial education in math and English
  • Accelerating adoption of inclusive access programs
  • Course materials sales by segments (all new course materials, print textbooks, etextbooks and digital media, used textbooks and total market) for 2017 and 2018 with 2019 projections
  • Changing balance of print and digital media
  • Impact of open educational resources (OER) and textbook rentals
The companion report—College Course Materials Trends & Outlook 2020-2022—to be published in November 2019—will update trends building steam in 2018 that are likely to persist into the next several years. The report also will provide the outlook for the higher education publishing industry and sales segment projections through 2022.
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