College Course Materials Market Forecast 2015

Published: May 5, 2015 - 66 Pages

Table of Contents

  • Methodology
  • Executive Summary
  • Market Size and Structure
    • Introduction
      • Table The Mindset List for the Class of 2018
    • Institutional Types include Four-Year, Two-Year, Private, Public
      • Table Degree-Granting Postsecondary Institutions 2013-2014
      • Online Courses are Part of the Mix
        • Table Percentage of Institutions with Distance Students by Enrollment, 2013
        • Table Enrollment by Institution Type (# in thousands)
    • Who the Students are and Where They are
      • Enrollment Skews Older
        • Table Undergraduate Enrollment by Age of Student
      • Recession Impacts Student Employment
        • Table Employed Undergraduate Students
      • Enrollment Growth Projected
        • Table Projected Undergraduate Enrollment by Institution Type (# in thousands)
    • State Fiscal Support for Higher Education Grows Healthier
      • Table State Fiscal Support for Higher Education, FY2015 vs.FY20141 (Fiscal 2015 is 2014-2015; $ in millions; ranked by % change)
      • Tuition Hikes Stabilize
        • Table Tuition and Fees, 2014-2015 vs. 2013-2014
      • Emerging Budget Themes in 2015 State Legislative Sessions
    • Fed Level Policy: Obama Budget Proposal Focuses on More Access
      • Table Selected U.S. Budget Items for Postsecondary Sector FY2016-2015 Appropriations & FY2016 Proposals ($ in millions)
    • State Level Policy: Eying New Business, Delivery Models
      • Breaking Barriers in Community Colleges
      • Rewarding Innovation in California
      • Increasing Dual-Credit Courses in Texas
      • Competency-Based Education Builds Momentum
  • Course Materials
    • Introduction
      • Table Share of Media Used in College Courses, 2014 (% share based on $5.52 billion market)
      • New Textbooks Still Dominate Course Materials
      • Textbooks Face a Future under the Dunce Cap
        • Table Sales of Key College Course Materials, 2013 – 2014 ($ in millions)
      • Used Textbook Market Tightens
      • Platforms Power Multimedia Materials Growth
      • Etextbooks May Have Hit Their Peak
    • Publishers Transform into Digital Learning Solutions Providers
      • Table Simba Information's Leading College Publishers, 2014 vs. 2013 ($ in millions)
      • Pearson Wraps up Major Restructuring in 2014
      • Students Tap into Cengage's MindTap
      • Digital Powers McGraw-Hill Higher Ed
      • Wiley Feels Pinch of Decline in Sales of Print Textbooks
    • Effecting Digital Transformation
      • Pearson Launches REVEL
        • Table Selected Publisher's Digital Stats, 2014
      • Cengage, Knewton Collaboration Coming to Market
      • Attracts Major Partners
      • Ingram Benefits from Consolidating Logistics Services
      • McGraw-Hill Embraces Open Source
      • Junction Education Looks to Monetize OER
  • Distribution
    • Introduction
    • Campus Book Stores Maintain Relevance
      • Rafter Advocates for Text-in-Tuition Model
      • Follett is No. 1 Bookstore Operator
      • Barnes & Noble Education is Born
      • Nebraska Book Co. Sees Rental as Key
      • Chegg Shifts to all Digital
      • Amazon Sets up Shops on Campuses
      • Institutions Offer New Models
      • California Looks For Open Source Materials
      • UC-Davis Tries Digital Hub All-Inclusive Pilot
      • New York Looks to Create Open Textbooks
  • Conclusions and Outlook
    • Introduction
    • Conclusions
      • Table Sales Forecast of Key College Course Materials, 2014 - 2018P ($ in millions)
    • Outlook Strong New Course Material Growth in 2015


College Course Materials Market Forecast 2015

Simba Information has earned a reputation as a leading provider of market intelligence on the college market, and it’s new report, College Course Materials Market Forecast 2015, is the most recent in our collection of analytic reports on the business of providing instructional materials to college students in the U.S.

This newest edition continues the tradition of proving actionable data on:
  • How the higher education landscape has changed;
  • How moving to digital is not the only change ahead for course materials;
  • How distribution models have evolved.
Turn to College Course Materials Market Forecast 2015 for both sizing and context to the market segments for course materials. And, with this edition, Simba has further broken down segmentation of course materials with a more precise look at sizing and forecasts for new course materials and that segment’s components: new print textbooks and multimedia materials (including etextbooks) and used textbooks.

This latest edition continues to provide the context of enrollment, funding and policy changes, as well as competitive insight about traditional and emerging providers of course materials, and specific takeaways for content providers, distributors and industry observers.

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