Learning in Transition: College Course Materials Market Forecast 2014

Published: May 21, 2014 - 89 Pages

Table of Contents

  • Methodology
  • Executive Summary
  • Size and Structure
    • Introduction
      • Table The Mindset List for the Class of 2017 (Most students born in 1995)
      • Table Degree-Granting Postsecondary Institutions 2012-2013
    • Market Structure
      • Technology Focus Varies by Institution Type
      • Great Expectations Unmet?
      • IT Investment Priorities for the Future
        • Table Top Institutional IT Priorities Over the Next Two-Three Years, Fall 2013
      • Progess in Online Education
      • The Role of MOOCS
        • Table Course Materials Sales, 2000-2013 (Annual percentage change in net sales)
    • U.S. Course Materials Industry Structure
      • Table Sales of Key College Course Materials 2011 - 2013 ($ in millions)
      • New Textbooks: Shifting Demand
      • Used Textbooks Persist
      • Multimedia Viewed as Growth Driver
        • Table Knewton Timeline
      • Publishers Embrace Adaptive, Often with Knewton
      • McGraw-Hill Builds Own Adaptive Stable
      • eTextbooks: Less than a Success
      • Digital Tools Not eTexts
        • Table Share of Media Used in College Courses, 2014P (% share based on $7.51 billion
      • IPFW Moves Forward with Move to Digital Materials
  • Market Drivers: Enrollment, Funding & Policy
    • Enrollment to Grow at Slower Rate
      • Table Projected Enrollment by Institution Type (# in thousands)
      • Student Population Ages
      • Online Courses Become Part of College Experience
        • Table Enrollment by Age of Student (# in millions)
      • Seeking Personalization through Technology
        • Table Enrollment by Institution Type (# in thousands)
      • For-Profit Education Growth Stalls
        • Table Career College Enrollment Winter 2013 vs. 2012 (3-month period ended December 31)
      • Like Enrollment Growth, Tuition Hikes Slow
        • Table Tuition and Fees, 2013-2014 vs. 2012-2013
      • Instructional Materials Prices in the Spotlight
        • Table Average Full-Time Undergraduate's Budget for Books & Supplies
      • Broader Federal Role in College Financing
      • Federal Funding Beyond the Department of Education
      • Possible New Federal Initiatives
      • State Support for Higher Education Rebounds
        • Table State Fiscal Support for Higher Education, FY2014 vs. FY2013* (Fiscal 2014 is 2013-2014; $ in millions; ranked by % change)
    • Federal Policy Impacts Institutions and Students
      • State Leaders Also Plan for Higher Education
      • Governors Talk Higher Education in State of the States
  • Distribution
    • Distribution Overview
      • Table Average Full-Time Undergraduate's Budget for Books & Supplies
    • What Students Pay
      • Table Total College Store Market
    • College Stores Still First Stop
    • Used Texts: Wanted, but Limited
    • Textbook Rental Options on the Rise
      • Chegg Helped Drive Rental Programs
    • Slow Shift to Digital Content
    • Companies Evolve with Digital Shift
    • Vendor & Institution Partnerships Offer New Models
  • Competitive Landscape & Trends
    • Introduction
      • Table Incubating Ed Tech
      • Publishers Seek Role in OER
      • OER Here to Stay
      • OER Business Models Still Under Development
      • Wiley and OpenStax Partner
    • Disruption in the LMS Segment
      • Table A Profile of LMS Market, Fall 2013
      • Blackboard Adapts, Instructure Progresses
      • Gilfus Enters Competition with Adrenna
      • Desire2Learn Sees Move to the Cloud
    • Disruption in the Publishing Segment
      • Table Simba Information's Leading College Publishers, 2013 vs. 2012 ($ in millions)
      • Pearson Invests in MyLabs
      • Cengage Keeps Focus on Students
        • Table Selected Publisher's Digital Shares, 2013
      • Adaptive Digital Appeals to McGraw-Hill
      • Digital and Custom Hitting the Mark at Wiley
    • Tough Market for Operating Performance
      • Cengage Leads in Margin
        • Table Simba Information's Higher Education Provider Performance Index, 2013 vs. 2012 ($ in millions; ranked by 2013 operating margin; Chg. Is percentage change from 2012)
    • M&A as a Tool for Change
      • Digital First at McGraw-Hill
        • Table Simba Information's Merger & Acquisition Index, 2013 - Q1 2014
      • Distribution Solutions: Vital Source Technologies
      • New Power Points: Intel, Pearson and Blackboard
  • Conclusions and Outlook
    • Introduction
    • Moving to a More Digital Future
      • Table Sales Forecast of Key College Course Materials 2013 - 2017P ($ in millions)
    • Outlook: Moderate Growth in 2014
      • Persistence of Print
      • Used Texts Follow New
      • eTextbook Growth Moderates
      • Multimedia Finds its Place as Growth Driver


Learning in Transition: College Course Materials Market Forecast 2014

Today, when college students “hit the books,” they’re increasingly not turning to traditional textbooks. As in almost all segments of education, the college market is experiencing a dramatic shift away from paper and toward digital media for instruction materials.

Simba Information’s Learning in Transition: College Course Materials Market Forecast 2014 provides a complete view of the U.S. higher education market – and how it’s changing - in a single-source format. This report is a result of Simba Information’s ongoing research in the area of instructional materials in higher education. This edition of Simba’s reporting on the college instructional material market offers a particular focus on the changes in:
  • Format of instructional materials,
  • Types of course materials in demand,
  • How instructional resources are being delivered.
Simba provides both sizing and context to the market segments of new and used textbooks and multimedia materials.

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