Simba Information 2013 National Instructional Materials Adoption Scorecard and 2014 Forecast

Published: February 20, 2014 - 56 Pages

Table of Contents

  • Methodology
  • Simba Information's 2013 Instructional Materials Adoption Scorecard and 2014 Outlook
    • Introduction and Trends
    • Common Core Drives Demand for Instructional Materials
      • Table Instructional Materials Adoption States
    • 19 States Form Core of Textbook Adoptions
    • Adoption Cycles
    • 2013 Textbook Adoption Opportunity and Results
    • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Wins Florida
      • Table Florida K-5 Adoption, 2013 ($in thousands)
      • Impact of Digital Transition
      • Impact of Common Core
      • $41.1 Million in Reading Spending Tracked
      • Reading Intervention Purchasing Light
        • Table Tennessee 2013 Reading Adoption, K-6 ($ in thousands)
      • $31.1 Million in Math Spending Tracked
    • Tennessee Reading Spending Estimated at $41 Million
    • Pearson Heads up Alabama Reading/ELA Results
      • Table Alabama 2013 K-12 Reading/Literature and ELA Textbook Adoption Results (Estimated sales)
      • New Mountain Learning Breaks Out
      • State Funding Dictates Spending
    • Indiana Buys Reading; Pauses Future Reviews
      • Table Approved Programs in Indiana 2013 Reading Adoption
      • Table California 6-8 Math & ELA Bridge Adoption, Selected Results, 2013
    • Pearson Leads California with LA and Apple
      • LA Moves Ahead with Pearson's Common Core System of Courses
    • Oregon Bridge Adoption Generates Little Interest
    • Georgia Districts Tilt toward 6-12 for Math
      • Table Select Georgia Districts 2013 K-12 Math Adoption Spending
      • Traditional Publishers Hold Position
      • Cobb County Slashes IM Purchasing
        • Table South Carolina 2013 K-8 Math IM Adoption
    • McGraw-Hill Adds up to Top Spot in South Carolina's K-8 Math Adoption
    • Oklahoma Schools Buy Social Studies
    • West Virginia Purchased Social Studies in 2013
      • Off-Cycle Reviewing Starts Slow
        • Table Texas Third-Year Adoption Results, 2013
    • Houghton-Mifflin Harcourt Holds on to Lead in Texas
      • 2013 Instructional Materials Allotment Breakdown
      • Pearson Leads in PreK in 2013; Frog Street Leads Overall
        • Table Texas PreKindergarten Systems Adoption, Third-Year Sales
    • Pearson Tops K-5 ELA and Math Spending in North Carolina
      • Table North Carolina K-5 ELA & Math Spending, 2013
    • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Tops 2013 Adoption Publisher Scorecard
      • Table Simba Information's Adoption Publisher Scorecard, 2013 ($ in thousands; ranked by total sales)
      • McGraw-Hill Places Second in 2013 Adoption Results
      • Pearson Places Third
    • Outlook: Continued Forward Momentum in 2014
      • Table California 2014 K-8 Mathematics Adoption Approved Programs
      • 31 Math Programs Make the List in California
        • Table Approved Publishers, Texas 2014 Science & Math Adoption
        • Table Subjects in 2015 Texas Adoption
      • Texas Science, Math and Tech Applications Draws 400+ Titles
      • Florida Attention Moves to 6-12 ELA and Math in 2014
        • Table 2014 Florida 9-12 ELA & Math Adoption Bid Submissions
      • Georgia Focuses on English Language Arts
        • Table Georgia Recommended K-12 English Language Arts Publishers for 2014 School District Adoptions
      • Business, Family Science and IT Are North Carolina's Focus
        • Table Adopted Publishers in 2014 North Carolina Business & IT Adoption
        • Table Oregon Adopted English Language Arts & Literacy Materials, 2014
      • Oregon Schools Prepare to Adopt Language Arts and Literacy
      • Future Adoptions in Tennessee
        • Table Tennessee Approved K-8 Social Studies Programs, 2014
      • Adoption Process Changes in Indiana
      • Science Purchasing Put off until 2015 in Oklahoma
      • Category Years Switched in West Virginia
        • Table Selected K-12 State Adoption Schedules for Purchase Years 2014-20171


Simba Information 2013 National Textbook Adoption Scorecard and 2014 Outlook

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