K-12 Testing Market Forecast 2011

Published: October 7, 2010 - 60 Pages

Table of Contents

  • Methodology
  • Executive Summary
  • Industry Size and Structure
    • Introduction
      • Table PreK-12 Testing Terminology
    • The Changing Focus of Testing
      • Table Testing Segment Market Share of Instructional Media in U.S. Classrooms, 2008-2009 vs. 2009-2010 ($ in 000,000)
    • Testing Market Size and Segments
      • Consolidating Market in High-Stakes State Tests
      • Classroom Assessment: Low Stakes but Vital Role
    • Acceptance of Common Core State Standards Alters Landscape
    • Consortia Race to Define Testing Future
      • Table Race to the Top Assessment Grant Participants
      • Integrating Through Common Core Assessments
      • Case Study: Delaware Tries Assessment Linkage
      • Ramifications of Common Testing Proliferate
      • Cost Decrease-Maybe; Competition Increases-Probably
    • Federal Policy Sets the Stage
      • Monitoring Progress is Key to National Ed Tech Proposal
    • Federal Funding Powers Change
  • Trends to Watch
    • Introduction
    • 2010 Begins a Time of Transition
    • Potential Changes to Industry Structure
    • The Changing Customer
    • Integration of Assessment and Instruction
    • Forming Partnerships and Alliances for Solutions
    • Room for Continued Customization
    • Open Source Will Impact Delivery
  • The Move Online
    • Introduction
      • Table Inroads of Computer-Based Assessments in States, 2009
    • Race to the Top Leads Drivers of Move to Online
      • Table Estimated K-12 Online Assessment Market, 2009-2010
    • Online Accounts for One-Fifth of Testing
    • States' Commitments to Online Varies
      • Bumps in the Digital Highway in Florida
      • Oregon Takes Second Stab at Moving Online
    • Online Formative Assessment Movement Projected to Accelerate
  • Conclusions & Outlook
    • Introduction
      • Future Growth Potential: ELL and Alternate Exams
      • Future Growth Potential: High School Testing
      • Future Growth Potential: Science and Technology
      • Funding Constraints Dampen Short-Term Growth
      • Overall K-12 Testing Forecast to Grow Between 2% and 5%
        • Table K-12 Testing Growth Forecast, 2009-2010 - 2013-2014 (dollars in millions)
      • Online Growth Outpaces Print Format
        • Table Online K-12 Assessments Growth Forecast 2009-2010 - 2013-2014 (dollars in millions)
  • Who's Who
    • CTB/McGraw-Hill
    • Data Recognition Corp.
    • Educational Testing Service
    • eInstruction
    • Internet Testing Systems
    • Measured Progress
    • Northwest Evaluation Association
    • Pearson Assessment & Information Group
    • Questar Assessment Inc.
    • Qwizdom
    • Renaissance Learning
    • Riverside Publishing
    • SEG Assessment
    • Scantron
    • Vantage Learning
    • Wireless Generation


K-12 Testing Market Forecast 2011 applies Simba Information’s branded expertise in the educational publishing industry to the dynamic market for high-stakes state testing and classroom assessment.

This all-new edition of Simba’s popular Academic Testing report offers decision-makers in all facets of the PreK-12 instructional materials industry insights into the most current business information and market trends affecting the highly competitive testing segment.

K-12 Testing Market Forecast offers a comprehensive overview of statewide, district and classroom testing, with a specific focus on the shifting testing landscape as a result of policy changes and progress in the drive to move testing online.

Specific topics include:

  • Market size by segment: state tests and classroom assessment,
  • Segment growth drivers,
  • Impact of federal policy changes,
  • State penetration by leading testing firms,
  • Current major contract awards,
  • Contract opportunities amid changing state testing policies,
  • Growth outlook of online testing.

K-12 Testing Market Forecast 2011 also provides a complete rundown of the leading vendors currently supplying products and services to the U.S. school testing market.

K-12 Testing Market Forecast 2011 is a must-have market and business intelligence tool for publishers and editors, as well as marketing, business development and investment professionals charged with developing strategies to succeed in the U.S. school testing market.

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