Information Markets Hotlist

Published: November 5, 2008 - 80 Pages

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Net Neutrality
  • Introduction
  • History of Net Neutrality
  • Stakeholders in the Net Neutrality Controversy
    • Proponents
    • Opponents
  • Lobbying Money
  • Legislative Landscape
  • Net Neutrality Beyond the U.S.
  • The Future of Net Neutrality

  • Table 1.1: Net Neutrality Who’s Who

Chapter 2: Intellectual Property and Copyright Debate

  • Introduction
  • Forces of Change
    • Open Access Becomes Law
    • Open Access Is Not Limited to STM
    • Open Access Inspires New Ways of Thinking
    • Digital Revolution Fuels Open Access Movement
    • Analog Goes Digital
    • Digital Innovation Emerges
  • Rights Holders’ Stance
    • Open Access, Open Arguments
    • Publishing Contracts: Who Owns What?
    • Publishers vs. Universities?
    • Update: Modernizing the Law
    • A Look Forward

Chapter 3: Security and Privacy in a Digital World

  • Introduction
  • What Data Is Being Collected
  • What the Data Is Used For
  • How the Data Is Protected
  • Impact of CyperPerps
    • New Standards Not Necessarily Enough
    • ChoicePoint Becomes a Lightening Rod
  • Data Collection: Privacy Invasion or Good Marketing?
    • Center for Digital Democracy (CDD)
    • Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
    • Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC)
    • Privacy International (PI)
    • Privacy Rights Clearinghouse (PRC)
    • United States Public Interest Research Group (U.S. PIRG)
  • Update
    • Constant Uncertainty
    • The Government Tries to Crack Down
    • General Advice from the Federal Trade Commission
    • Does It Make a Difference?
  • Outlook

  • Table 3.1: Would You Let an Organization Use the Personal Information It Collects to Verify Your Identity for Other Purposes?
  • Table 3.2: If Your Organization Experienced a Breach, Did the Incident(s) Result in the Loss of Existing or Potential Customers
  • Table 3.3: Estimated Figures Based on Reported Data Breaches
  • Table 3.4: Our Organization’s Consumer Marketing Programs Do Not Create Risks of Personal Data Loss or Theft
  • Table 3.5: Our Organization Respects Consumers’ Privacy Rights
  • Table 3.6: Does Your Organization Limit the Types of Personal Information It Will Share with Third Parties for Purposes of Marketing
  • Table 3.7: Types of Personal Information Your Organization Will Share
  • Table 3.8: How Safe Is Your Bank in Making Sure Personal Information Is Secure?

Chapter 4: Mega Mergers

  • Introduction
  • Then and Now
  • Fallout and Job Loss
  • The Reason for Merging
  • Merger Problems
  • The Current State of Government Regulation
  • Outlook

  • Table 4.1: Historic Mega Mergers, 1986-2008

Chapter 5: Shifting World Economic Trends

  • Introduction
  • The Crisis
  • After the Crisis: Is the U.S. Economy a Sensible Investment Long Term?
  • U.S. and World Economic Forecast
  • Information Industry Outlook

  • Table 5.1: U.S. and World Economic Outlook, 2008-2010

Chapter 6: Business Ethics and China

  • Introduction
  • Overview
  • Media in China
  • Is China’s Economy as Strong as It Once Was?
  • Censorship in China
  • Doing Business in China
  • Conclusion


Information Markets Hotlist 2008 covers a specific set of issues that are hotly debated and have widespread implications on the future of the information industry. It explains the issues, identifies the proponents and opponents, and updates any recent judicial, regulatory or legislative actions. Issues include:

  • Net neutrality
  • Intellectual property and copyright debate
  • Internet security, privacy and the protection of sensitive data
  • Mega mergers and the impact of widespread industry consolidation
  • Shifting world economic trends
  • Business ethics and China

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