PreK-12 Policy & Budget Outlook, 2021-2022

Published: March 1, 2021 - 39 Pages

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Policy & Funding History
  • Policy & Funding in the ESSA Era
    • Funding
  • Biden on Education When Candidate
  • Reopening Schools: A New Policy Area
  • Annual Exams Required, Some Flexibility
  • Federal Funding Continues to Rise
    • Table Education Department Appropriations, FY2019-FY2021 (selected K-12, $ in millions)
    • Pandemic Leads to CARES Act
    • Rethink K-12 Part of CARES Act
    • More Funding from Second Stimulus
      • Table Selected Approved Rethink K-12 Education State Plan Highlights, 2020
    • American Rescue Plan Provides Another Wave of K-12 Funding
      • Table COVID-19 Relief Education Funding ($ in billions)
  • Title I's 50 Largest Allocations
    • Table 50 Largest Title I Allocations to LEAs, FY2019 ($ in thousands)
  • Support for Classroom Connectivity
    • Table E-Rate Applicants Value the Program
    • Moving the Bar on Connectivity Needs
    • Connectivity for Homes as Well as Schools
    • E-rate to Support Cybersecurity
  • Trends Winning Federal & State Support
    • Promoting the Switch to Digital
    • Computer Science Moving from Elective to Requirement
      • Table States with State Plan for Computer Science Education
      • High Schools Teaching Computer Science
        • Table States that Require High Schools to Offer Computer Science Education
    • School Climate Earns More Consideration
    • Career and Technical Education Booms
      • Table Selected Approved Perkins Career & Technical Education State Plan Highlights, 2020
    • School Choice Movement Continues
  • State Education Funding Overview
    • Adoption States Influence Market & Offer Opportunities
  • Per-Pupil Funding Varies by State & District
    • Table Per Pupil Funding by State, FY 2018
    • Inequities in District-Level Funding
      • Table 20 Largest School Districts & Per-Pupil Spending, FY2018
  • Fiscal 2021 Budgets Approved Amid Change
    • Table Select States with FY2021 K-12 Initiatives or Funding Changes & 2020 Approval Dates
  • For FY 2022, K-12 Support Takes New Forms
    • New York
    • California
    • Florida
    • Illinois
    • Pennsylvania
    • Georgia
    • Michigan
    • Texas


PreK-12 Policy & Budget Outlook, 2021-2022

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PreK-12 Policy & Budget Outlook, 2021-2022 provides information and analysis on U.S. K-12 funding and policy. Also provided is information on how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting funding at the federal and state levels and how the pandemic is changing policy, including accelerating the trend toward technology-based learning.

Other trends covered include the push for school choice, attempts to address school climate issues, the boom in career and technical education and the momentum to teach computer science.

A main source of the data is the U.S. Department of Education with additional information from state education departments and government websites. Other sources tapped for information include Child Trends, Funds for Learning, the National Association of State Budget Officers, and the U.S. Census Bureau.

The information and analysis contained in PreK-12 Policy & Budget Outlook, 2021-2022 is intended to help developers and marketers of instructional technology, educational content and school services learn more about the current state of K-12 policy and funding so they can sharpen their planning. Funding and the policies that drive its allocation are important considerations for providers of instructional resources to consider as they market current products and develop future offerings.

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