2018 National Instructional Materials Adoption Scorecard and 2019 Outlook

Published: May 9, 2019 - 32 Pages

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Methodology
  • Introduction and Trends
    • Guaranteed Demand
    • 18 States Form Core of Instructional Materials Adoptions
      • Table Instructional Materials Adoption States
      • Adoption Cycles
  • 2018 State Adoption Results
    • Florida Schools Adopt Science
      • Table Florida K-12 Science Adoption Sales, 2018
      • McGraw-Hill Captures 44.7% Share
    • California Schools Buy Social Studies, Science
      • Table California K-12 Social Studies Adoption Sales, 2018
      • Pearson Takes the Lead in California
    • Science Buy Strong in North Carolina
      • MHE Tops 2018 Spending in North Carolina
        • Table North Carolina Off-Year Adoption Sales, 2018
    • Mix of Science Materials, Including OER, in Tennessee
      • Williamson County Goes for OER
      • Other Districts' Choices
    • McGraw-Hill Education Tops 2018 Publisher Adoption Scorecard
      • Table Simba Information's Adoption Publisher Scorecard, 2018
      • Pearson Holds the No. 2 Position
      • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Takes Third Place
  • Looking Ahead-2019 and Beyond
    • 17 Publishers Jockey for Position in CA Science Adoption
      • Table Approved Programs in the California 2019 K-8 Science Adoption
    • Texas OKs ELA Programs from 16 Publishers
      • Table Approved Programs in Texas 2019 K-8 English Language Arts/Reading Adoption
      • Financial Literacy
    • North Carolina Adopts K-8 Math
      • Open Source Choice
        • Table Approved Programs in the North Carolina 2019 K-8 Math Adoption
    • New Mexico will Adopt Science
      • Table Approved Programs in the New Mexico 2019 K-12 Science Adoption
    • Coming Adoption Activity
      • Table State K-12 Instructional Materials Adoption Schedule, Purchase Years 2019-2022


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2018 National Instructional Materials Adoption Scorecard and 2019 Outlook

Simba Information’s 2018 National Instructional Materials Adoption Scorecard and 2019 Outlook provides a singular look at sales by subject in particular states—those states classified as adoption states, which conduct statewide reviews and purchasing processes for instructional materials.

The 2018 report focuses on K-12 science adoptions, most notably in Florida and Tennessee, and on social studies adoption in California. Also included are sales results in what turned out to be an off-year in the adoption cycle.

The report provides individual analysis of each of the adoptions with sales broken down by publisher by grade segments. In addition, the report includes the annual publisher scorecard, a reflection of how each publisher did in the adoptions covered.

The 2018 edition of the annual report also provides a general grounding in the adoption of instructional materials with information on:
  • the PreK-12 education landscape framing the adoptions,
  • background on the adoption process and the changes—including the attraction of OER—affecting that process,
  • a state-by-state calendar of adoption market opportunities in 2019-2022.

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