College Course Materials Trends and Outlook 2019-2021

Published: March 14, 2019 - 61 Pages

Table of Contents

  • Methodology
  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
    • Services
    • Shifting Landscape
  • Student Enrollment
    • Table Projected Undergraduate Full and Part-Time Enrollment by Institution Type, 2017 vs. 2022P vs. 2027P (# in 000)
    • Community Colleges
    • NSCRC Says Enrollment Is Down
    • Dip in California Enrollment
  • Federal and State Policies
    • Federal Budget and Policy
      • Higher Education Act
      • Rewriting Regulations
    • State Support for Higher Education
      • Table State Fiscal Support for Higher Education, FY2019 vs. FY2018 (Fiscal 2019 is July 1, 2018-June 30, 2019; $ in 000; ranked by % change)
      • California Models Higher Ed Spending Expectations
      • CA Textbook Law
        • Table Sample of State Higher Education Initiatives
  • Changing Approaches to Higher Education
    • Dual Enrollment
      • Table Characteristics of Dual Enrollment Programs, 2016
      • Maine Invests in Early College
      • Role for MOOCS
    • Workforce Development
      • Workforce Needs and Four-Year Institutions
        • Table Institutions Represented in the APLU Working Group
      • Degrees, Certificates and/or Credentials
      • Woz U Offers Targeted Skill Courses
      • Amazon Offers Courses
    • Online Education Continues to Grow
      • Table Online Undergraduate Enrollment in Higher Education, Fall 2017
      • Foregoing Online Courses
      • From Community College to Master's Degrees
      • New Online at University of Massachusetts
  • Publishing Strategies
    • Content Increasingly Becomes Digital and Smart
      • Table Higher Education and Scholarly Publishing, 2018 vs. 2017 ($ in 000,000)
      • Pearson
      • Cengage
        • Table Simba Information's Leading College Publishers by Revenue, 2018 vs. 2017 ($ in 000)
      • McGraw-Hill Education
      • John Wiley & Sons
    • Transitioning to Digital
      • Digital Drives Majority of Pearson Revenue
        • Table Higher Education Digital Metrics of Major U.S. Publishers, 2018
      • Cengage Expects Revenue Growth in FY 2019
      • McGraw-Hill Education, Wiley Look for Results in Print and Digital
    • OER Moves Forward
      • OER in Large Introductory Courses
      • Costs Involved in OER
        • Table OpenStax's Top 10 Institutions by Number of Student Users of its Textbooks, 2017-2018
      • OpenStax Publishes New Business Series
      • Publishers Adjust to OER
      • Knewton Combines AI and Open
  • Distribution Strategies
    • Inclusive Access
      • Table Selected Beneficial Impacts of New Distribution Models by Publisher, Winter, 2018
      • Increasing Adoptions at Cengage
    • Textbook Rentals
    • Services Hubs
      • Chegg Services by Subscription
      • Follett Outsources Wholesale to Nebraska Book
      • Barnes & Noble Education Counts on Inclusive Access and Digital Services
      • Changes at Amazon
  • Conclusions & Outlook
    • Conclusions and Opportunities
    • Projections
      • Table Sales Forecast by Segment of Key College Course Materials 2017-2021 ($ in 000,000)


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College Course Materials Trends and Outlook 2019-2021

The College Course Materials reports from Simba Information provide an overview of the changing market for instructional resources in higher education in the U.S. in two parts that can stand alone or be read together as a continuum that provides a view of the college publishing industry and the market landscape in which it works.

College Course Materials Trends and Outlook 2019-2021 is now available and focuses on the trends building steam in 2018 that are likely to persist into the next several years. The report provides the outlook for the higher education publishing industry and sales segment projections through 2021.

College Course Materials Trends and Outlook 2019-2021 completes the first part of the total report—State of College Course Materials 2017—2018, which became available in December 2018 and focuses on two main areas: the current market landscape and the competitive environment for publishers and distributors of instructional resources for college programs.

College Course Materials Trends and Outlook 2019-2021 provides both sizing and context to the market segments of new course materials—new print textbooks and digital media (including etextbooks)—as well as the used textbook segment. Among the changing dynamics discussed in College Course Materials Trends and Outlook 2018-2020 are:
  • Projected student undergraduate enrollment by institutional type, 2017-2027
  • Changes in distance learning
  • Progress of federal attempts to rewrite regulations governing higher education
  • Potential concerns in state funding for higher education
  • Changing strategies on how higher education should be delivered
  • The emergence of credentialing in traditional higher education settings
  • Adoption and adaptation of workforce development by traditional higher education institutions
  • Increasing adoption of inclusive access agreements
  • Publisher participation and control in textbook rental programs
  • Niche-building by publishers of open educational resources (OER)
  • Analysis of expected drivers of behind industry changes over the next several years
  • Sales forecast of higher education course materials segments through 2021

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