College Course Materials Trends and Outlook 2018-2020

Published: January 18, 2018 - 42 Pages

Table of Contents

  • Methodology
  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
    • Season of Change
  • Student Enrollment
    • Greatest Growth: 2-Year Institutions, Part-Time Students
      • Table Projected Undergraduate Enrollment by Institution Type, 2015 vs. 2020 vs. 2025 (# in 000)
    • Steady but Uneven Distance Learning Growth
  • Federal & State Policy & Budget Initiatives
    • Tax Reform and Prospects for a Fiscal 2018 Budget
    • Net Neutrality Reversal
    • States Consider Budget Actions for Higher Education
      • Tuition Freeze Proposed in Arkansas
      • Funding Cuts in Iowa
      • Boost in Funding, New Community College Planned in California
  • Institutional Changes
    • Focus on Student Outcomes
      • Student Outcomes Drive Funding in Arkansas
      • Georgia Looks to Boost Graduation Rate
    • Re-Thinking Curriculum
      • Rollins Adjusts Liberal Arts Required Courses
      • Facilitating Employable Skills in Business at Brigham Young University-Idaho
      • Exploring English Department Changes
      • Changes to Biology, English Majors at University of Richmond
    • Institutional Strategic Change
      • Purdue University Global Nears Final Approval
      • UMass Plans to Cross State Lines Online
      • University of Wisconsin System Reorganizes
  • OER, Direct Access and Publisher Strategies
    • OER Inroads
      • Table Proportion of Faculty Requiring Particular Materials for Their Courses, 2017
      • OpenStax develops and Partners for More Resources
      • OER Degree Initiative
      • Publishers See Mixed Impact from OER
    • Publishers Move Forward with Digital Agendas
      • Pearson Is Trading Better
      • McGraw-Hill Sees Stabilization and Share Gain
      • Cengage Pushes Core Standalone Digital Strategy
      • Wiley Education Publishing Surprises on the Plus Side
    • Going Direct to the Customer
      • University of Florida Expands All Access
      • Cengage Inclusive Access Program Doubles
      • Pearson and McGraw-Hill Education See Gains
      • Cengage Launches Subscription Mode
    • Alternatives to Tradition Proliferate
      • FlatWorld Repositions
      • Textbooks Should Not Cost More Than $20
      • New Marketplace from Top Hat
      • Barnes & Noble Education Offers Varied Education Services
  • Conclusions & Outlook
    • Conclusions
      • Enrollment
      • Policy and Funding
      • Higher Education Mission Debates
      • Industry Strategies
        • Table U.S. Higher Education Course Materials Sales, August and Year-to-Date, 2017 vs. 2016 ($ in 000,000)
    • Looking Ahead
      • Ongoing Issues
        • Table Sales Forecast by Segment of Key College Course Materials 2016-2020P
      • Projections


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College Course Materials Trends and Outlook 2018-2020

The College Course Materials Market Trends & Forecast annual reports from Simba Information provide an overview of the changing market for instructional resources in higher education in the U.S. This new edition continues that tradition in two parts. College Course Materials Trends and Outlook 2018-2020 is now available and focuses on the trends building steam in 2017 that are likely to persist into the next several years. The report provides the outlook for the higher education publishing industry and sales segment projections through 2020.

College Course Materials Trends and Outlook 2018-2020 completes the first part of the total report—State of College Course Materials 2016—2017, which became available in October 2017 and focuses on two main areas: the current market landscape and the competitive environment for publishers and distributors of instructional resources for college programs.

College Course Materials Trends and Outlook 2018-2020 provides both sizing and context to the market segments of new course materials—new print textbooks and digital media (etextbooks)—as well as the used textbook segment. Among the changing dynamics discussed in College Course Materials Trends and Outlook 2018-2020 are:
  • Projected student undergraduate enrollment by institutional type, 2015-2025
  • Advancing growth in distance learning
  • Highlights of potential federal policy changes regarding higher education
  • Potential concerns in state funding for higher education
  • State focus on student outcomes
  • Strategic change in institutional approaches to providing education
  • Institutional re-thinking of curriculum
  • Advances in competency-based education
  • Course materials sales projections by segments for 2017-2020
  • Changing balance of print and digital media
  • Impact of open educational resources (OER) on publishers
  • Advance of inclusive access agreements
  • Analysis of expected drivers of behind industry changes over the next several years

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