College Publishing Market Forecast 2005 - 2006

Published: July 1, 2005 - 208 Pages

Table of Contents


Executive Summary

Chapter 1: Industry Size and Structure

New Textbooks Command 55.5% of the College Market
Custom Publishing Segment Is Fastest-Growing
Religious Books Are Second-Fastest Growing Segment
Used Textbooks: Publishers’ Bane
Key Media In The Classroom
Pearson Tops Simba’s List Of U.S. College Publishers
BFW, Jones and Bartlett and W.W. Norton Outpace The Industry
Operating Margins Average 15.8%
College Publishing Is Fourth-Largest Segment Worldwide
Asian Market Heats Up In 2004
Highly Consolidated Industry

Table 1.1: Table 1.1: Domestic U.S. College Sales of U.S. Publishers By Segment, 2005P vs. 2004 and 2004

Table 1.2: New Textbooks vs. Used Textbooks in the U.S. , 2005P vs. 2004 and 2004
Table 1.3: Breakdown of Key Media Used For Instruction In U.S. College Classrooms
Table 1.4: Share of Media Used in U.S. College Classrooms, 2004
Table 1.5: U.S. College Publisher Rankings, 2005P vs. 2004 vs. 2003
Table 1.6: U.S. College Publishers' Operating Performance, 2004 vs. 2003.
Table 1.7: Worldwide Sales Of U.S. Publishers by Segment, 2005P vs. 2004 vs. 2003
Table 1.8: Top Foreign Markets For Exports Of U.S. Textbooks, 2004 vs. 2003
Table 1.9: Merger & Acquisition Index, Jan. 1, 2004 - June 20, 2005

Chapter 2: Enrollment

Enrollment By Age
Enrollment By Gender
Diversity On Campus
Public vs. Private Enrollment Changes
Full-Time vs. Part-Time Enrollment Changes

Table 2.1: Total Enrollment in Higher Education, 1988-2013 Projected
Table 2.2: College Enrollment by Age, 1989-2013 Projected
Table 2.3: Total Enrollment In Higher Education By Gender, 1988-2013
Table 2.4: College Participation by Race
Table 2.5: Higher Education Enrollment, Four-Year Public vs. Private, 1988-2013 Projected
Table 2.6: Total Enrollment In Higher Education By Enrollment Status, 1988-2013 Projected
Table 2.7: Degrees Conferred, 1989-2013 Projected
Table 2.8: Enrollment Ranked By State In Two-Year And Four-Year Colleges, Fall 2001

Table 2.9: Public High School Graduates, 2000-2001, States Ranked By Projected Percentage Change by 2012-2013

Chapter 3: The Rise of Community Colleges, For-Profit Post-Secondary Schools, and Distance Learning

Community Colleges
Post-Secondary Schools
Penetration of Distance Learning

Table 3.1: Undergraduate Fall Headcount Enrollment by Type of Institutions, Enrollment Status, and Gender: 1998 to 2002
Table 3.2: Ranked by Full-Time Enrollment
Table 3.3: Top 10 Digital Community Colleges, 2005
Table 3.4: Simba’s 2004 Post-Secondary Schools Operating Margin Index
Table 3.5: Performance Of Post-Secondary School Company Stocks,
Jan. 2-Dec. 31, 2004
Table 3.6: Distance Learning Disciplines
Table 3.7: Private, For-Profit Schools in Education's Department Program That Have Substantial Distance Education Program, 2000-2001
Table 3.8: Leading Course Management Vendors, 2003-2005

Chapter 4: Funding

Overview 53
Tuition: Fact And Fiction
What The Federal Government Provides
Higher Education Act Renewal Looms
Debate Around Future Aid
Role Of The States
Florida Sees Highest Increase
California Compact Is One Model
Virginia Schools Seek More Autonomy
Blurring The Line Between Public And Private

Table 4.1: Average Tuition and Fee Charges
Table 4.2: Higher Education Financial Aid
Table 4.3: Federal Aid for Post-Secondary Education, Projected 2006
Table 4.4: Appropriations to Higher Education

Chapter 5: Textbooks

The Price/Value Equation
Shifting Markets
Textbooks Remain A College Staple
Market To Professors, Sell To Students
Bundling: More Than Just A Textbook
E-Textbooks: A Must-Have Pricing Option
Leading Publishers Generate $2.96 Billion in Sales
New Small Publishers Try To Change College Textbook Market
Math Courses Accounted For The Most Textbook Sales In 2004
Classics Sales Improve, Up, Accounting Sales Decline In 2004
Used Book Sales Continue To Plague Publishers
Thomson Has Best-Selling Math Author, Pearson Leads In Sales
Pearson leads In Psychology; BFW Has Best-Selling Author
Pearson Titles Corner Biological Sciences
Pearson’s Allyn & Bacon, Prentice Hall In Education’s Top Two Spots
McGraw-Hill Commands Economics
McGraw-Hill Leads Accounting; Thomson Has Best-Selling Author
McGraw-Hill Is Leading Foreign Language Publisher
Pearson In Command Of English As A Second Language

Table 5.1: Sales of Textbooks Used in College Classrooms
Table 5.2: Leading U.S. College Publishers, 2005P vs. 2004 vs. 2003
Table 5.3: Top Disciplines For Textbook Sales, 2004 vs. 2003
Table 5.4: Textbook Sales Patterns, 2004 vs. 2003
Table 5.5: Average Used Textbook Rate, 2004- 2001
Table 5.6: Mathematics - Top Courses, 2004
Table 5.7: Mathematics - Leading Publishers, 2004
Table 5.8: Mathematics - Best-Selling Authors, 2004
Table 5.9: Psychology - Top Courses, 2004
Table 5.10: Psychology - Leading Publishers, 2004
Table 5.11: Psychology - Best-Selling Authors, 2004
Table 5.12: Biological Sciences - Top Courses, 2004
Table 5.13: Biological Sciences - Leading Publishers, 2004
Table 5.14: Biological Sciences - Best-Selling Authors, 2004
Table 5.15: Education - Top Courses, 2004
Table 5.16: Education - Leading Publishers, 2004
Table 5.17: Education - Best-Selling Authors, 2004
Table 5.18: Economics - Top Courses, 2004
Table 5.19: Economics - Leading Publishers, 2004
Table 5.20: Economics - Best-Selling Authors, 2004
Table 5.21: Accounting - Top Courses, 2004
Table 5.22: Accounting - Leading Publishers, 2004
Table 5.23: Accounting - Best-Selling Authors, 2004
Table 5.24: Foreign Language & Literature - Top Courses, 2004
Table 5.25: Foreign Language & Literature - Leading Publishers, 2004
Table 5.26: Foreign Language & Literature - Best-Selling Authors, 2004
Table 5.27: English As A Second Language - Top Courses, 2004
Table 5.28: English As A Second Language - Leading Publishers, 2004
Table 5.29: Table 5.29: English As A Second Language - Best-Selling Authors, 2004

Chapter 6: Custom Publishing, Coursepacks & Electronic Media

The Hardware Factor: Growing Computer Use
Wireless Networks Spread On Campuses
IT Funding 107
Current Craze: iPods
In the Future: Cell Phones and PDAs
McGraw-Hill Creates Online Learning Division
Appeal Of Custom Publishing Continues
E-Textbooks: Not Much Of A Splash
Migration to Electronic Coursepacks
NACS Sees Decline In Print Coursepacks
Assessment Grows Electronically
Clickers and Computer Grading
CMS Providers Tap Into Accountability
On The Rise: Homework Management
Aplia Increases Market Penetration

Table 6.1: Custom Publishing, Coursepacks & Electronic Media, Used in college classrooms
Table 6.2: College Student Computer Use, 2004
Table 6.3: Academic Computing Funding 2004
Table 6.4: Aplia At A Glance

Chapter 7: Marketing & Distribution

Overview 119
Complaints About Pricing
Publishers Offer Alternatives
Government Interest Grows
College Stores Business Good
Internet Options Increase
Will Renting Textbooks Be The Next Option?

Table 7.1: Annual % Chg. In Producer Price Index
Table 7.2: Where The New Textbook Dollar Goes
Table 7.3: Average Product Sales by Segment
Table 7.4: Campus Store Ownership/Operations
Table 7.5: Contract Management Of College Stores By Operator

Chapter 8: Forecast and Conclusions

Textbooks: Growth and New Formats

Table 8.1: Sales Forecast of Key Instructional Materials Used in U.S. Classrooms, 2004-2008

Profiles of Leading U.S. College Publishers

Bedford, Freeman & Worth
Houghton Mifflin Co.
Jones and Bartlett
McGraw-Hill Education
Oxford University Press
Pearson Education
Thomson Corp./Thomson Learning
John Wiley & Sons
W.W. Norton

Profiles of Leading College Textbook Distributors and Retailers

Barnes & Noble College Bookstores
Follett Corp.
Varsity Group Inc.

Profiles of Leading Infrastructure Software Providers



Simba's analysis covers all the major issues affecting the state of the college publishing market. Topics include:

  • Top performing disciplines as well as top selling textbooks -- exclusive sales statistics provided by Monument Information Resource
  • The ongoing battle for market share between new and used books and its effect on pricing
  • The continuing rise of electronic media, custom publishing, and coursepacks
  • The most recent developments in technology use in courses, from e-textbooks to clickers to iPods
  • Exploding growth for community colleges, postsecondary schools, and distance learning
  • Effects of international editions leaking into the domestic market
  • The prospect of accountability and assessment as growth areas in college publishing
  • Market forces shaping sales trends through 2008

This report includes detailed profiles on all of the leading U.S. college publishers, leading college textbook distributors and retailers, and top infrastructure software providers.

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