Scientific, Technical & Medical (STM) Market Reports

STM publishing products record and disseminate information that can have a profound effect on society—tested theories and ideas that can be used as starting points on which to build scientific knowledge or medical discovery. The STM publishing market includes companies that publish textbooks, monographs and scholarly journals; but also publishers that offer searchable databases, abstracting and indexing services, and online tools that help researchers be more efficient and effective. Leading among research innovations in the STM publishing market is what is known as "dynamic publishing", a culmination of the latest achievements in computing power, analytics information, and big data, all synthesized to create the biggest and most effective resource for search engine users. By providing the latest information on innovations in the STM publishing industry like dynamic publishing, online services, collaborative scientific publishing, and more, Simba Information has built a reputation as one of the foremost authorities on the market for STM content worldwide. Our reports include in-depth analysis of global trends in the STM publishing market, industry metrics, market segmentation, forecasts and exclusive data points that help top executives stay one step ahead of their competitors.

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