Simba Information's 2015 National Textbook Adoption Scorecard with 2016 Outlook

Mar 29, 2016
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Simba Information's 2015 National Instructional Materials Adoption Scorecard and 2016 Outlook

Simba Information’s 2015 National Instructional Materials Adoption Scorecard and 2016 Outlook report consolidates Simba’s ongoing research of the K-12 textbook adoption market in 2015 in one report.

This report provides background on the textbook adoption process, examines in detail the sales results of specific state adoptions Simba tracked in 2015 and previews the landscape and trends in instructional materials adoptions in 2016 and beyond.

The 2015 edition can stand alone as the most comprehensive compilation of statewide adoption results. Holistically, the 2015 edition with 2016 outlook is a continuation of the Simba tradition of providing necessary business and market intelligence of the adoption market.

Prepared by the analysts at Simba Information, the 2015 National Instructional Materials Adoption Scorecard and 2016 Outlook features:
  • Analysis of most significant discipline in 2015, including Texas social studies, second-year math sales in California, and initial science sales in North Carolina;
  • Results by discipline in individual states;
  • Results by grade segments;
  • Scorecard of results and market share by publisher;
  • Progress of digital transition in adoption states;
  • Impact of funding constraints and changes in state academic standards;
  • Adoption process policy changes by state;
  • State-by-state calendar of key adoption opportunities in 2016—2019.
Publishers, editors, marketing, business development and investment professionals who need to understand the factors driving the instructional materials adoption market continue to make this report an essential tool in their strategic arsenal.
Simba Information’s 2015 Instructional Materials Adoption Scorecard and 2016 Outlook
Introduction and Trends
State Standards Replace Common Core
More Tech, if not Quite all the Time
More IM Choices; Downward Price Pressure
Longer Review Periods
Improved State Funding, Not Necessarily Increased Spending
18 States Form Core of Textbook Adoptions
Adoption Cycles
2015 Textbook Adoption Opportunities and Results
Focus in Texas: K-12 Social Studies
Pearson Holds K-5 Lead
McGraw-Hill Leads 6-12
Geography Book Revised
Technology Predominates
California Schools Continue Focus on Mathematics in 2015
Non-Commercial Choices
Spanish and French Dominate Florida Sales
Stragglers for ELA and Math
Delayed Decisions
Santillana Dominates World Languages
Pearson, Cengage Command CTE
North Carolina Schools Begin to Buy Science
McGraw-Hill Leads in Early Science Purchasing
Georgia Takes a Year off
Digital Transition Accelerates
SAFARI Helps Digitize Georgia Schools
Purchasing Light in Oregon in 2015
Mixed Choices
Selected 2015 Adoption Results in Other States
McGraw-Hill Education Tops 2015 Adoption Publisher Scorecard
Pearson Places Second
HMH Secures Third Place
2016 Outlook Features Stability
New Science Standards Adopted More Quietly
Increasing Digital Implemental
McGraw-Hill Powers up Open Court for Digital Era
Total K-12 Enrollment Inches up in 2016
State Highlights Ahead in 2016
Alabama Schools to Buy New Science Materials in 2016
California ELA IS 2016 Sweet Spot
20 Publishers Enter Florida’s CTE, World Language and Arts Adoption
In the Wings in Florida
Foreign Language and ESOL up Next in Georgia
Oklahoma Schools Eye Reading/Literature and Languages in 2016
Oregon Approves Math for Purchase in 2016
West Virginia Will Purchase Science in 2016
Texas Prepares for 2017
Table 1: Instructional Materials Adoption States
Table 2: Texas K-12 Social Studies Adoption Sales
Table 3: World Geography Sales, Texas 2015
Table 4: California K-8 Math Adoption, Selected Results, 2015
Table 5: Florida K-12 World Languages (Spanish & French) Adoption Sales, 2015
Table 6: Florida 6-12 Career and Technical Education/Agriculture Adoption Sales, 2015
Table 7: North Carolina K-12 Science Adoption Sales, 2015
Table 8: Georgia 2015 Sales Sampler
Table 9: Simba Information’s Adoption Publisher Scorecard, 2015
Table 10: Next Generation Science Standards States
Table 11: Publishers with Approved Comprehensive Programs in the Alabama 2016 Science Adoption
Table 12: Approved Programs in English Language Arts/English Language Development for 2016 California Adoption
Table 13: Florida 2016 CTE (6-12), World Languages (9-12), Health/PE (6-8),Arts (6-12) Bid Submissions
Table 14: Georgia Language Approved List, 2016
Table 15: Georgia K-12 ESOL List 2016
Table 16: Approved Programs for 2016 Oklahoma PreK-12 Reading/Literature Adoption
Table 17: Oklahoma Modern Language List 2016
Table 18: Oregon 2016 Mathematics List
Table 19: Approved Materials for 2016 West Virginia Science Adoption
Table 20: Texas Proclamation 2017 by the Numbers
Table 21: Selected K-12 State Adoption Schedules for
Purchase Years 2016-2019

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