Simba Information's 2008 National Textbook Adoptions Scorecard and 2009 Outlook

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Published Nov 20, 2008 | 46 Pages | Pub ID: CURP1609529

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Simba Information’s 2008 National Textbook Adoptions Scorecard and 2009 Outlook presents the crucial business intelligence on textbook adoptions necessary for developers and marketers of instructional materials in a convenient single-source reference edition.

This report offers the most comprehensive analysis available of the results of 2008 state textbook adoptions that is expected to generate nearly $900 million in first-year revenue for publishers, as well as creating traction for publishers in non-adoption states, or open territories, and creating opportunities for publishers of supplementary materials in ensuing years.

Prepared by the analysts at Simba Information, the 2008 National Textbook Adoptions Scorecard and 2009 Outlook covers sales results in specific states, including California, Florida and Texas, and provides guidance for opportunities to come.

Topics include:

  • Results from individual states
  • Results in major disciplines
  • Results by grade segments
  • Scorecard of results and market share by publisher
  • Index of top-selling K-8 textbooks
  • Performance trends of electronic products
  • Outlook for key adoption opportunities in 2009 and beyond

This report is an essential market intelligence tool for publishers, editors, marketing, business development and investment professionals who need to understand the business strategies currently driving this important segment of the educational publishing industry.

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