The Shift To Digital In Social Studies Grades K-12

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Published Oct 1, 2010 | Pub ID: CURP5815168
In order to provide objective, research-based information on current trends in the elementary 
and secondary Social Studies market segments, a detailed market survey was designed, and then mailed to 18,000 Classroom Teachers (grades K-5), and to Social Studies Teachers and Department Chairpersons (grades 6-8 and 9-12).  Issues examined this study included the following:

  •  Current trends in the Social Studies market segment, in terms of preferred instructional strategies and materials most frequently used.
  •  Which textbooks and other core and supplemental materials are used most often at different grade levels, and how they are perceived by teachers and students.
  •  The decision-making process involved in Social Studies program adoptions.
  •  The role of digital tools and/or digital content in Social Studies classes.
  •  The level of discretionary funds spent on supplemental texts, workbooks, reference materials, test preparation programs, and other non-textbook materials.
  •  The 2010-11 total market size for Social Studies instructional materials.
  •  Social Studies topical areas in which educators are most likely to purchase new instructional materials. 
  •  Comparison of Social Studies usage patterns in Adoption vs. Open Territory states.

All results were analyzed by job title, grade level, and geographic region to pinpoint the most profitable strategies for Social Studies product developers and marketers to consider pursuing.

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