Science Market, Grades 3-12: Teaching Methods, Textbook/Supplements Used and Needed, and Market Size

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Published Jan 31, 2009 | 226 Pages | Pub ID: CURP5815079

Science Market: 2009 from Education Market Research provides an analysis of the U.S. market for Science instructional materials for grades 3-12.

This report provides an objective look at the science market segment based on the results of a detailed survey completed in December 2008 by 20,000 educators.

Science Market: 2009 identifies the leading textbooks and hands-on science programs by grade level, and which instructional materials and publishers are used most often at different grade levels. The report also pinpoints preferred vendors for Science supplies and equipment, and the future role of software and online services in elementary, middle and high school Science classes.

For the first time, in addition to the usual analyses by job title, grade, course, region, etc., we've also included a separate set of analyses comparing educators' behaviors and attitudes in adoption vs. open territory states, as well as in the four big states of California, Texas, Florida and New York. Additionally, the report covers a number of trends and implications for upcoming Science adoptions, particularly in the Southwest region and in the state of Texas.

If you need to know which Science programs, materials and publishers are most popular, how much is being spent, and what the demand is for new Science instructional materials, you can’t afford to be without Science Market: 2009.

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