STM Online Services Market 2009-2010

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Published Feb 16, 2011 | 52 Pages | Pub ID: CURP6042028
This report will break the A&I/Online Services market into four segments and will provide revenue estimates for STM competitor products and services in those segments. Segments include:

  • Abstracting & Indexing Services: secondary publishing services almost entirely delivered via electronic databases, but including a dwindling portion from print, CD-ROM or even microfiche. In S&T, CAS, Scopus and Web of Knowledge typify this category.

  • Content Providers: stand-alone STM Web sites, electronic databases and online marketplaces that are not based on books, journals or A&I services. S&T Online Services include MDL, CGGVeritas and Seitel, among others. HS Online Services include WebMD (professional component) and point-of-care clinical content providers such as Wolters Kluwer’s UpToDate, Zynx, Thomson Reuters’ Micromedex and Elsevier’s MDConsult.

  • Healthcare Software and Services: tools, particularly in Hospital Information Systems, that integrate patient records and prescriptions with clinical guidance and decision trees. Wolters Kluwer (ProVation) and Thomson (Medstat) are both active in this sector, the larger players include MEDITECH, Eclipsys, McKesson and Cerner.

  • Health Science Market Research: market research databases heavily used by the pharmaceutical industry to track drug development, sales force effectiveness and product pipelines. Wolters Kluwer Healthcare Analytics, parts of IMS, Verispan and Ipsos are among the leaders.

    Some of the players covered in this report include:

    Thomson Reuters

  • ISI Web of Science/Knowledge
  • Drug Databases/IDdb/SDdb
  • Thomson Reuters Pharma
  • Prous Science
  • Micromedex
  • MedStat
  • Solucient
  • MercuryMD

    Wolters Kluwer

  • Ovid
  • Healthcare Analytics
  • UpToDate
  • Provation


  • Chemical Abstract Service


  • Specs & Standards


  • Dialog
  • CSA Illumina
  • Chadwyck Healey
  • ProQuest STM Databases


  • Datamonitor
  • Citeline
  • Scrip


  • PsycINFO

    John Wiley & Sons

  • InfoPOEMS


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