STM Online Services 2021-2025

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Published Jan 27, 2022 | 86 Pages | Pub ID: CURP16948430
STM Online Services 2021-2025

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Scientific, technical and medical online services loom larger in the professional publishing market than ever before. Books are in decline and journals face upheaval from the impact of open access policies. STM online services represent an exciting market where there is growth and opportunity for development and collaboration. Rely on Simba Information’s STM Online Services 2021-2025 to build your strategy in the critical online STM publishing market for this year and beyond.

STM Online Services 2021-2025 provides an overview and financial outlook for the global STM online services market based on specific research and analysis of the leading competitors’ performance. Company performance is estimated through 2021.

The overall STM publishing market is divided into:
  • Abstracting & Indexing Services (A&I): secondary publishing services almost entirely delivered via electronic databases, but including a dwindling portion from print, CD-ROM or even microfiche.
  • Online Content: stand-alone STM Web sites, electronic databases and online marketplaces that are not based on books, journals or A&I services. Includes standards, patents, training and certification, clinical reference, drug databases, reference management and analytical tools.
  • Simba provides market sizing for A&I and online services in both the scientific and technical and medical segments. These market slices are forecast to 2025.
STM Online Services 2021-2025 contains separate chapters covering the STM publishing market, key competitors, and trends and forecast that include:
  • Simba’s exclusive analysis of market size and structure
  • A look at the geographic breakdown of online services sales
  • Discussion and analysis of the impact of currency movements
  • A discussion of the market for non-English-language online services
  • Ranking and analysis of the top ten online services competitors
  • Tracking merger and acquisition activity
Key trends in online STM services discussed include:
  • Analysis of online service growth trend in relation to the decline of STM books
  • The impact of open data mandates
  • Dynamic publishing the next step in technical evolution
  • Tool development and the user engagement strategy
  • Altmetrics support engagement strategy
  • Collaboration among rivals
  • Global health care spending and employment trends
Publishing companies covered in this report include:
  • American Chemical Society
  • athenahealth
  • Clarivate Analytics
  • EBSCO Information Services
  • Elsevier
  • Hearst Health Network
  • IBM Watson Health
  • IHS Markit
  • Pearson
  • Wolters Kluwer
Publishers and investment professionals can trust Simba Information's STM Online Services 2021-2025 to provide the inside intelligence needed to evaluate growth potential and understand online services trends affecting the scientific, technical & medical publishing industry, as well as to size up the competition.

STM Online Services 2021-2025 is an essential tool for publishing executives, M&A advisors, market analysts, and industry consultants who need to understand the business strategies driving the STM publishing industry.

Simba has the knowledge base and perspective gained from more than 20 years’ covering this market and the rapid changes in technology, the economy, mergers, partnerships and public policy that affect it.

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