Publishing for the PreK-12 Market 2014-2015

Aug 6, 2014
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Publishing for the PreK-12 Market 2014-2015

The once-dire school funding environment has started to turn brighter, and as a result, new opportunities for publishers and other providers of instruction materials have opened. Publishing for the PreK-12 Market 2014-2015, Simba Information’s authoritative study on the U.S. education landscape, examines where schools are putting their resources, how technology is addressing school needs and how publishers and other resource providers are adjusting business models, sales and marketing to address these opportunities.

Publishing for the PreK-12 Market 2014-2015 is the leading resource for expert analysis of the highly competitive PreK-12 school market. A changing market for instructional materials, tools and resources and an industry transitioning from traditional print books to smart digital resources make this report a critical resource for understanding the dynamics affecting the most sought-after types of instructional resources and how providers are meeting that demand.

Topics in Publishing for the PreK-12 Market 2014-2015 include:
  • Market size by media segment: textbooks, courseware, supplemental materials, tests, manipulatives, video, trade books and magazines
  • Drivers of segment growth
  • Impact of emerging technologies
  • Exclusive textbook/ instructional materials adoption information
  • Leading publishers/providers by market segment
  • Analysis of landscape metrics: funding, policy and enrollment
  • Trends in acquisitions, mergers and partnerships
  • Competitive analysis of leading publishers/providers
  • Market segment projections through 2017
Executive Summary
Chapter 1: Industry Size and Structure
Instructional Materials Sales Rise in 2013
Textbooks Rebounded in 2013
Courseware Generates Strongest Growth in 2013
State Level Tests Prepare to Rebound
Digital Supplementals Settle In
Print Supplementals show Resilience
Manipulatives Adapt to Changing Market
Common Core Powers Trade Book Demand
Video Streams into Schools
Classroom Magazines Find Niche
Electronic Media Projected to Capture 30.6% Share in 2014
Competitively Speaking: Pearson Generates Most Revenue
Discovery Education Leads in Operating Margin
Companies Restructure
Making Changes to Marketing and Sales
Mergers and Acquisitions
Tech Firms Make Education Moves
Advancing Tech Capability in 2014
Table 1.1: Simba’s Instructional Materials Segment Definitions
Table 1.2: Sales of Print and Digital Media to the U.S. Pre-k-12 School Market, 2012-2014P 9
Table 1.3: Market Share of Media Used in U.S. Classrooms, 2014P
Table 1.4: Leading Publisher Share of K-12 Industry
Table 1.5: Publisher Operating Performance, 2013 vs. 2012
Table 1.6: Simba Information’s Merger & Acquisition Index, 2013
Table 1.7: Simba Information’s Merger & Acquisition Index, H1 2014
Chapter 2: Enrollment and Demographics
Public School Enrollment on the Rise
Private Enrollment Has Been Declining
Charter School Enrollment Booms 33
Online Enrollment Growing but Hard to Track
Enrollment Patterns Vary Across the States
Fastest Growing Counties for K-12 Enrollment
High Poverty Schools are a Target
Schools Growing More Diverse
Special Needs Students Are a Growing Population
State-Funded PreK Advances Paused
Table 2.1: Total Public PreK-12 Enrollment, 2012-2022P
Table 2.2: Projected Public PreK-12 Enrollment by Grade Selected Years, 2012-2022P
Table 2.3: Total Private PreK-12 Enrollment, 2012-2022P 32
Table 2.4: Public School PreK-12 Enrollment by State 2014P Projected % Change 2011-2022
Table 2.5: 25 Counties with Largest Enrollment Increases, 2013-2014
Table 2.6: Students Eligible for Free and Reduced Lunch In 50 Largest School Districts, 2011
Table 2.7: Public School Students Participating in Programs for English-Language Learners, 2011-2012
Table 2.8: Public School Students Served Under Individuals with Disabilities Act, 2011-2012
Table 2.9: Preschool Enrollmen, 2012-2013 & % Change from 2011-2012
Chapter 3: Funding
Funding Rises Over Ten-Year Period
Average State Per-Pupil Spending on Materials Trends Down
2014 Funding Stabilized after Passage of Budget Bill
2015 Budget Proposed, Prospects Dim
Title I Helps Low-Achieving Students in High-Poverty Areas
Race to the Top Continues with Changes
Investing in Innovation Continues
School Improvement Grants Continue
Tapping Special Education Funding
E-Rate Funding Update Will Boost School Connectivity
State-Level Funding is Improving
State Preschool Spending Stalls
Table 3.1: Instructional Materials Expenditure by State, 2011-2012
Table 3.2: U.S. Dept. of Education Discretionary Spending, FY 2013-FY 2015P
Table 3.3: 50 Largest Title I Allocations to LEAs, FY2013
Table 3.4: School Improvement Grants Awarded, 2014
Table 3.5: Recommended Changes to State K-12 Funding,
FY2015 vs. FY2014
Table 3.6: Preschool Enrollment & Est. Spending Per Child, 2012-2013
Chapter 4: Textbooks and Adoptions
Textbook Segment Drivers and Disrupters
Transition Means Print/Digital Mix
OER Becomes an Option
Publishers Shift Strategic Gears Toward Digital and Adaptive
McGraw-Hill Navigates Digitally
EMC Repositions as New Mountain Learning
Digital Must-Have: Adaptive Form
Textbook Market: Adoption States and Open Territories
Flexibility is Favored
Reading Drives Elementary Sales in 2013
Math Tops Reading/Language Arts in 6-12 Segment
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Tops 2013 Adoption Publishers Scorecard
MHE Secures Second Place
Pearson Places Third
Adoptions Outlook in 2014 and Beyond
Adoption States Still Focused on Reading, Math
Texas Turns Out for Math and Science
STEMscopes Accelerates
Texas Postpones 2016 Proclamation
Florida Slowly Release 2014 Approved List
Table 4.1: Segment Definitions
Table 4.2: Textbook Share of Instructional Media Used in U.S. Classrooms,
2012 vs. 2013
Table 4.3: 2014 Discipline Sales Opportunity in Adoption States
Table 4.4: Top 10 Disciplines for Elementary Textbooks and Materials, 2013
Table 4.5: Top 10 Disciplines for Secondary Textbooks and Materials, 2013
Table 4.6: Simba Information’s Adoption Publisher Scorecard, 2013
Table 4.7: California 2014 K-8 Mathematics Adoption Approved Programs
Table 4.8: Mid-Year Sales Results, Texas 2014 Adoption K-12 Science, 6-8 Math, K-12 Technology Applications
Chapter 5: Supplementary Materials
Supplemental Market Sales
Schools Shift Toward Digital Supplementals
Courseware Sales Grow Steadily
Digital Supplements Come from Many Sources
Video is Used More and More Freely Available
Print Supplements Benefit from Common Core
Trade Books Benefit from Common Core
Classroom Magazines Offer Non-Fiction Content
Manipulatives Market Soft for Now
Future of Supplementals
Table 5.1: Supplemental Segment Definitions
Table 5.2: Sales of Supplemental Instructional Materials to the U.S. PreK-12 School Market, 2012-2014P
Table 5.3: Examples of Digital Content Platforms
Chapter 6: Outlook and Forecast
2014 Continue a Path of Improvement
Longer Term: 2013-2017
Table 6.1: Sales Forecast of Key Instructional Materials Used in U.S. Classrooms, 2013-2017P
Company Profiles
Cambium Learning Group
Cricket Media
Discovery Education
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
K12 Inc.
McGraw-Hill Education
Rosetta Stone, Inc.
Scholastic Corp.
School Specialty
Scientific Learning Corp.

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